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Edit Infobox Weapons: Axle (legendary)

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Weapon information

Weapon Info

Weapon name:
Image: Upload file
Is this weapon melee?
Main weapon class:
Weapon subtype:
How can you get this weapon?
Options are Llamas, Quests, Event Store
What event featured this weapon?
Events should be formatted with year added on end,
e.g Blockbuster should be written Blockbuster 2018
Description text:


Critical hit chance: %
Critical hit damage multiplier: + %

Ranged Weapon Stats

Bullet type:
Fire rate:
Magazine size:
Headshot damage multiplier: + %
Reload time:
Ammo cost:

Melee Weapon Stats

Attack speed:
Heavy attack text:


Crafting ingredients:
List crafting ingredients using {{ingredient}}
Format: {{ingredient|quantity|item name}}.
Example:{{ingredient|15|Blast Powder}}{{ingredient|30|Mechanical Parts}}

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