Zero Point Challenges

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Zero Point Challenges are an exclusive Season 10 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once the Battle Pass has been purchased, the Zero Point Challenges will be available to complete. The challenges can be completed any time until the Season ends The rewards for the Zero Point Challenges consists of a Loading Screen, a style option for Sparkle Supreme, and a style option for Ultima Knight.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Complete Any Challenge TwilightFlight.jpg

Twilight Flight loading screen

Complete Any 3 Challenges SparkleSupreme(SlowDance).png

Sparkle Supreme (Slow Dance)

Complete All 5 Challenges UltimaKnight(Red).png

Ultima Knight (Red)

Challenge Reward
Reach Battle Pass Tier 100
Unlock 12 Season Level Mission Rewards
Complete 10 Battle Pass Missions
Complete 10 Prestige Missions
Complete A Meteoric Rise Mission

Reach Battle Pass Tier 100[edit | edit source]

When the Season 10 Battle Pass has been unlocked, the Battle Pass will start at Tier 1 (or Tier 23 if the Battle Bundle was purchased). It is required to reach Tier 100 to complete all the Zero Point Challenges. After leveling up, Battle Stars will be rewarded, and gaining 10 Battle Stars will reward 1 Tier in the Battle Pass. Completing Battle Pass Missions and Weekly Missions will reward XP and Battle Stars, and Weekly Mission loading screens reveal a secret Battle Star in game that will reward 10 Battle Stars, or a full tier in the Battle Pass.

Unlock 12 Season Level Mission Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Level-Headed Missions will be available for Battle Pass Holders to complete until season end. Each challenge is earned by leveling up. Upon completing each challenge, either an emote or a style option for every outfit in the Season 10 Battle Pass will be rewarded. By completing the final challenge, the Ultima Knight (origins) style will be unlocked along with the Season Level Mission Rewards being completed.

Complete 10 Battle Pass Missions[edit | edit source]

Two Battle Pass missions will be available to complete will be rewarded to Battle Pass holders, and 1-2 more are unlocked each week to complete until season end. Each mission will give 7 challenges and rewards for each challenge, mostly being XP for 5 challenges, and cosmetics for the other 2. When all the challenges are completed, one Battle Pass Mission will be complete, allowing the Prestige Missions to be available.

Complete 10 Prestige Missions[edit | edit source]

Whenever all 7 challenges are completed from a Battle Pass Mission, the Prestige Missions will be available to complete. The Prestige Missions are usually similar challenges to the Battle Pass Mission challenges that was completed but more difficult. Like the Battle Pass Missions, the Prestige Missions will each contain 7 challenges. Upon completing these challenges, XP will be given for 5 challenges, and cosmetics will be given for two. Once a Prestige Mission is fully complete, those missions will be fully finished.

Complete A Meteoric Rise Mission[edit | edit source]

The last weeks of Season 10 revealed the last challenge as a set of missions to be completed for a skin called the Scientist. Just like Battle Pass Missions, these missions will contain 7 challenges, 5 missions reward Battle Stars, and two reward cosmetics. By completing four challenges, the back bling Star Surge will be rewarded, and by completing all the missions, instead of the reward being a style for a Battle Pass skin, the reward would be a brand new skin, the Scientist. There are no prestige for the mission