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Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Early Access 1.6.3
Vaulted Early Access 1.6.4

The Zapotron is a Sniper Rifle based off of an existing weapon in Save The World that was briefly released in Battle Royale, available exclusively in Supply Drops.[1] However, it was Vaulted shortly after its release and is remains unavailable to this day.[2] It is said that it was deemed extinct because it didn't fit well with the current state of Battle Royale and it would harm the game's balance. It was also a incredibly powerful weapon. The weapon has a headshot multiplier of 3x. The only clip of a player using the weapon showed it doing headshot damage of 150 rather than 50. It could also have been a burst-fire weapon. The patch notes official mention that it could be charged for a single powerful blast. Exact stats of the weapon may be incorrect.

Curiously, the EA1.6.3 patch notes and the accompanying image call the weapon the "Zapotron". However, a tweet from @FortniteGame refers to it as the "Zapatron". This was likely just a mistake by the person writing the tweet.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Laser rifle icon.png
Bullet Type Energy cells icon.png
DPS 150
Damage 150
Fire Rate 1
Magazine Size 4
Reload Time 2.8

Texture[edit | edit source]

Laser rifle icon.png

History/Changes[edit | edit source]

Early Access 1.6.3 (September 26th, 2017)

New Weapon: Zapotron


The Zapotron can be used to fire electric blasts in short bursts, or charged up to release an enormous amount of damage! Fire sparingly, as Cell Ammo is extremely limited. This weapon is only available in Supply Drops.

the Zapotron was vaulted sometime before October 5th, 2017. Exact date is unknown.

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