Zapotron (Battle Royale)

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Laser rifle icon.png
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Early Access 1.6.3
Vaulted Early Access 1.6.4

The Zapotron was briefly released in Battle Royale, available only in Supply Drops.[1] However, it was Vaulted shortly after its release and is still unavailable.[2] It is said that it was removed because it didn't fit well with the current state of Battle Royale and it would harm the game's balance. It was also a incredibly powerful weapon dealing an immediate death to opponents, plus scope. It shot lasers hense the phrase, ‘he lasered me!’

Stats[edit | edit source]

Laser rifle icon.png
Bullet Type Energy cells icon.png
DPS 50
Damage 50
Fire Rate 1
Magazine Size 20
Reload Time 2.8

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