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Dire portrait.png
Wild Ninja that becomes more fearsome and energetic at night.
Class Ninja
Rarities Mythic
Characters Jonesy
Sources Event Store


Werewolf is a Ninja Hero subclass available in Save the World.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Shinobi icon.png
Reduces fall damage taken by 10%. Increases run and sprint speed by 10%.
Dragon slash icon.png
Dragon Slash
Ninja springs forward 2 tiles, dealing a base of 95 edged weapon damage to all enemies within 0.5 tiles.
Mantis leap icon.png
Mantis Leap
Ninja can leap once more while already jumping. Can only be executed once per jump.
Three mantis style icon.png
Three Mantis Style
Reduces the energy cost of Mantis Leap by 50%.
Praying mantis icon.png
Praying Mantis
The Ninja can leap higher, increasing the effectiveness of Mantis Leap.
Kunai storm icon.png
Kunai Storm
Ninja flips backward and throws 15 pointed knives downwards in a 0.5 tile radius. Dealing edged weapon damage. Damage is scaled based on distance with a maximum range of 4 tiles.
Shadow stance icon.png
Shadow Stance
After defeating an enemy with a melee weapon or edged damage, the Ninja enters a Shadow Stance for 4 seconds. During Shadow Stance damage resistance is increased by 15%, Mantis Leap costs 60% less energy and the Ninja becomes more difficult to see.
Night stalker icon.png
night Stalker
During Evening and Night, gain 25% bonus movement speed.
Shroud of the dragon icon.png
Shroud of the Dragon
Dragon Slash now activates Shadow Stance.

Crescent kick icon.png
Crescent Kick
A quick kick that does a base of 54 damage, 800.0 impact, and stuns for 3 seconds.
Tail of the dragon icon.png
Tail of the Dragon
Dragon Slash leaves a persistent trail of energy, damaging for 12% of Dragon Slash damage, every 0.5 seconds, and slowing enemies by 30% caught within the tail for 3 seconds.
Night stalker icon.png
Midnight Stalker
Increases the movement speed bouns of Night Stalker by an additional 50%. Abilities cost 50% less energy during Evening and Night.

Squad Bonuses

Support bonus icon.png
Anatomy lessons icon.png
Anatomy Lessons
Increased edged melee critical rating by 8/13/18.
Tactical bonus icon.png
Hearty strikes icon.png
Hearty Strikes
Every 4th hit with a melee weapon restores 24 base health.