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Wegame is a video game distribution platform owned by Tencent Holdings, a Chinese investment conglomerate whose holdings include the instant messaging platform Tencent QQ and a minority (40%) stake in Epic Games.

Skins[edit | edit source]

To celebrate the Chinese launch of Fortnite on July 24, 2018, Wegame offered players incentives leading up to and through the launch that included a number of skins, some of which are exclusive to the platform.

Image Name Rarity Type Set Description Cost Source
EmbersContrail.png Embers Rare Contrail Freefall in style. Wegame
InsigniaBackBling.png Insignia Rare Back Bling Emblazoned shield. Wegame
BattleRoyaleGlider21.png Modern Uncommon Glider A bold addition to your gliding repertoire. 500 V-bucks icon.png Wegame
PenguinBackBling.png Penguin Legendary Back Bling Flightless fashion. Wegame
PointerHarvestingTool.png Pointer Rare Harvesting Tool Get to the point. Wegame
PowerGripHarvestingTool.png Power Grip Rare Harvesting Tool Get a grip. Wegame