War Cry (trait)

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War Cry
War cry icon.png
Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles for 10 seconds. Grants 45% more damage and 30% attack speed for ranged weapons and 45% more damage and 20% attack speed for melee weapons.
Class Soldier
Type Ability

Sub Classes Using This Trait[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 5.0 (July 12, 2018)
Ability Rebalance
  • War Cry
    • Increased damage multiplier from 30% to 45%.
    • Reduced ranged attack speed multiplier from 40% to 30%.
    • Increased melee attack speed multiplier from 16% to 20%.

Patch 1.4.7 (August 17, 2017)

  • Ranged Rate of Fire reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Melee Rate of Fire reduced from 20% to 16%
  • Weapon Damage reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Rate of Fire and Damage buff effects of War Cry combine multiplicatively (you deal increased damage, and you do so more often)
  • War Cry was not initially balanced with this in mind
  • War Cry has been rebalanced to account for multiplicative Rate of Fire and Damage buff effects
  • Also adjusted with average downtime of weapon reloads in mind