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Wailing Woods Geo-1.png

Wailing Woods was an area on the Battle Royale map located at northeast coordinates H3-H4, I3-I4, north of Lonely Lodge and east of Tomato Temple. It was a forested area abundant in Wood with wooden sheds, cabins, an indestructible bunker and a hedge maze that contained an underground research facility in the center. In terms of area, Wailing Woods was the map's largest named area.

Wailing Woods was untouched after Season 6 until the last week of Season 7, where the place started to dry up. After a few days, the area had completely dried up and was fully brown. On February 27th, ashes started to rise over the grass in Wailing Woods.

Wailing Woods was removed at the start of Season 8, being replaced by Sunny Steps and The Volcano, now called Pressure Plant

Points and Sublocations

Wailing Woods Top View
Wailing Woods Geo TopView.png
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Other Loot Spots

  • Laboratory
  • Cabins
  • Hedge Maze


  • Underground Bunker

Map Changes

Season 1

  • Wailing Woods was added to the map.

Season 2

  • A Christmas tree has appeared.
  • The Christmas tree has disappeared.

Season 3

Season 4

  • An indestructible bunker was added to the northeast side of Wailing Woods.

Season 5

  • The CUBE rolled through the forest, imprinting a rune into the ground and creating a low-gravity zone around it. It also destroyed several trees in its path.

Season 6

  • Four log cabins were added to Wailing Woods. Every one of the cabins has a secret room in the basement whose entrance is hidden behind a wardrobe.
  • The house in the hedge maze has been turned into a secret underground laboratory.
  • The low-gravity zone has turned into a corrupt area.
  • A picture of Dusty Depot was placed under the maze.
  • October 13: The Floating Island enters the airspace of Wailing Woods and starts absorbing power from the rune.
  • October 14: Glowing white holes that act like shockwave grenades when jumped in have appeared around the rune. The island exits the airspace of Wailing Woods and starts floating towards Rune 6.
  • October 18: The rune in the middle of the corrupt area has started floating again.
  • October 19: The rune starts moving towards the Floating Island.
  • v.6.30: Mysterious portals have appeared in the laboratory, connecting it and the cabins.

Season 7

  • The corrupted area has completely vanished, leaving a clearing in the forest.
  • Snow fully covered Wailing Woods for Christmas.
  • The snow has gone.
  • Snow covered Wailing woods for a second time.
  • Snow eventually melted.
  • February 24: The grass in the west part is dying out and turning brown.
  • February 25th: The grass in Wailing Woods is continuing to dry up, and the trees are turning a brownish color.
  • February 27th: The forest now has ashes rising from the ground. All of Wailing Woods is brown and dried up, including The Block and parts of Tomato Temple and Lonely Lodge.

Season 8


  • Wailing Woods is the second location to be significantly changed into a different POI twice, with it being changed to the Volcano (POI) in Season 8 and then Pressure Plant in Season 9.
  • Wailing Woods appeared to be a national park, as a sign at the front of the woods read "Wailing Woods National Park". This is further proven by the cabins added in Season 6, plus the maze along with the house in the middle.
  • In one on the cabins, a picture of a farm (presumably Anarchy Acres or Fatal Fields) could be found.
  • “The Cabin in Wailing Woods", A film (presumably) shown at Risky Reels may have foreshadowed in Season 6, when four log cabins were added to Wailing Woods.
  • Wailing Woods was updated at least once per season up until its removal.
  • A similar location is in Chapter 2 called Weeping Woods. It appears to have taken inspiration from Wailing, as well as Lonely Lodge.