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The Volcano is an unnamed POI located in the northeast corner of the map. It was added in Season 8, destroying the Container Yard, hence the containers strewn about the outside of the Volcano, and a part of the Wailing Woods. It contains The Prisoner's lair and a lot of lava, the inside also includes the eggs previously found in Polar Peak. It seems to be the biggest climbable area on the map. It is a large part of the map and seems to rival Polar Peak.

Volcano Vents[edit | edit source]

Volcano vents are spread all across the map.

Map Changes[edit | edit source]

Season 8[edit | edit source]

  • The volcano was added to the map.
  • Week 6: The stone woman statue is now in the lava just outside of the Volcano.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The volcano vents are close to the cracks from Season 7, however this may be a coincidence.
  • The volcano is surrounded by dense jungle that provide bananas and coconuts.
  • As of v8.30, a specific purple-looking rock near the bottom of the Volcano dispenses wood instead of stone when hit with a harvesting tool.

8.30 Patch Notes