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Hi, You came across to Hiro's profile! Hiro has been around the wiki since July 5 and spending spare times daily into putting some content to the wiki. If you need anything, do not hesitate to leave a comment on my profile or on my talk page.

I am currently on hiatus/semi-active mode due to other commitments but still visit wiki regularly to do patrols and revert vandalism.

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I have a question: Where could I find images for skins? Also, if they aren't transparent, how could I erase the background. Do you need to have a license for a photo to use it?

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Hi again! I'll answer this one for you. A great place to start would be using sources, (or, skin-tracker (one the best), or images from the Fortnite Twitter page. Additionally, searching the skin on Google will usually yield good results. Many of us on the wiki typically use dimensions of 512x512 for icons, but most sizes should work fine as they are usually compressed on different browsers. In terms of transparency, there are many tools online for free, but I'm sure there are people on this wiki who would gladly help you. Finally, you do not need a license to use a photo on most occasions, but we advise you select which license it falls under when you upload it. If you don't know the license or can't find it, just select "I'm not sure of this file's license" and it isn't a big deal. Hope this helps! -JQBlockMaster

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Cool Jq! Thanks for providing the answer for us.

Technically, I always got those images through datamining (shhh, someone might be watching), and it automatically comes off as a PNG when converted and are already neat and transparent. As for the license, it falls under Fortnite Content License (Licensing > Fortnite Content), that deem files as a capture/screenshot or uses the textures from Epic Games/Fortnite under fair use.

Are you guys on the Discord channel though? I'm not able to search you from there, I just want to discuss something.

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