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Troll monster.png
A tall purple mist monster, can appear when a player attempts to collect BluGlo.
Difficulty Very Easy
Attacks You kill a bomb instead of attacking you.
Health High.
Special Abilities Hide the blue glow and creates multiple small portals on the ground that it pops out of, at random. Can also create a “cardboard” look-a-like and a bomb that does low damage.
Weapons to use Melee
Strong against Ranged
Weak against Melee

There's quite a few different Types of Trolls in Fortnite, of course beyond the casual gamer trolls. Trolls can pass through built walls, making it possible for this monster to open doors for other monsters. Also, they will try to steal material.

  • One minigame including a troll is Whack-a-Troll, which randomly appears when players are trying to collect BluGlo.

Changes[edit | edit source]

10.20 Patch Notes (August 27, 2019)
  • New sound effects

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Troll was first seen in the 2011 reveal trailer for Fortnite. This makes it the first monster to ever be seen.