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Toys are interactive cosmetic emotes that the player can obtain through the Battle Pass or Item Shop. Players can interact with the toys by colliding or throwing in the desired direction when an emote is selected. Other players may interact with the toy once it is thrown. Toys were introduced in the Season 5 Battle Pass.

List of Toys[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Set Description Cost Source
BasketballToy.png Basketball Rare Toy Shoot a three! Battle Pass Season 5
BeachBallToy.png Beach Ball Rare Toy Summer fun! Battle Pass Season 5
Toy BouncyBall.png Bouncy Ball Rare Toy Boing boing! Battle Pass Season 8
FancyBasketballToy.png Fancy Basketball Epic Toy From downtown! Battle Pass Season 5
FancyBeachBallToy.png Fancy Beach Ball Epic Toy Perfectly inflated. Battle Pass Season 5
FancyBurger.png Fancy Burger Rare Toy Durrr Burger Extra Greasy. Battle Pass Season 7
FancyGolfBallToy.png Fancy Golf Ball Epic Toy Sink the putt! Battle Pass Season 5
FancyTomatoToy.png Fancy Tomato Epic Toy Saucy! Battle Pass Season 6
GolfBallToy.png Golf Ball Rare Toy Fore! Battle Pass Season 5
Ice.png Ice Puck Rare Toy Drop the puck. Battle Pass Season 7
PigskinToy.png Pigskin Rare Toy Fourth Down Go long... 0 V-bucks icon.png Item Shop
Toy Snowball.png Snowball Rare Toy Packed and ready for impact. 14 Days of Fortnite
TomatoToy.png Tomato Rare Toy Splat! Battle Pass Season 6
Water balloon.png Water Balloon Rare Toy Incoming! 14 Days of Summer