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Tomato Town Geo-1.png

Tomato Town was an area on the Battle Royale map located at northeast coordinates G3-G4, north of Dusty Divot and west of Wailing Woods. It was a small town with a pizza pit, taco place, gas station, car dealership and a convenience store.

On Patch 5.30 of Season 5 Week 7, Tomato Town was replaced with Tomato Temple upon its terrain changes. A stone temple has replaced the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit and extends its borders up to the isolated part of the area while a small portion of the town still remained until Season 8.

Points and Sublocations

Tomato Town Geo TopView.png
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For more detail on buildings, visit Tomato Town/Buildings.

Other Loot Spots

Map Changes

Season 1

  • Tomato Town is part of the initial version of Battle Royale Map as an unnamed POI.
  • It was named later on in the Season (10/12/2017).

Season 3

Season 4

  • Week 1: A new large sign has been added for Uncle's Pete Pizza Pit.
  • A treasure map was added to Tomato Town for a challenge.
  • Week 10: The giant tomato head on Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit disappears and is replaced by a chest.

Season 5

  • The treasure map from the Season 4 challenges was removed
  • A goodbye sign was put out on Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit.
  • Week 6: A new rift spits out a small stone version of the tomato head, replacing the goodbye sign.
  • Week 7: Tomato Town was replaced with Tomato Temple. A giant stone temple appears in the place of the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit and a modified version of the old tomato head is at the top of the temple.