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The temple in season 8

Tomato Temple was an unnamed POI on the Battle Royale map located at northeast coordinates G3-G4, north of Dusty Depot, far east of Loot Lake and west of Pressure Plant. Is is a giant stone temple covered in vines and moss. A Tomatohead with a spork crown can be seen on top of the temple. Inside the temple, there are various bowls full of tomatoes, dim candle lit hallways, and a room full of ammo crates. The below ground section is full of stone ruins, stairs going up to the above ground section, and a few chest spawns.

Before Season 8, the area was a named POI and included a below ground ruin like section, and an above ground temple section. The above ground section includes the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit giant smiling tomato sign, which used to be on top of Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit in the previous Tomato Town.

Points and Sublocations

Tomatop Temple Air View.png
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For more detail on houses and buildings,go to Tomato Temple/Buildings


  • Tribal Tomato Head

Other Loot Spots

Map Changes

Tomato Temple before Season 8.

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

  • Snow fully covered Tomato Temple for Christmas.
  • The snow has gone.
  • Snow covered Tomato Temple for a second time.
  • Snow eventually melted.

Season 8

  • Tomato Temple was now an unnamed POI
  • The TACOS restraunt, Pass N Gas station, Dodgy Brothers Car Dealership and the house are removed. most of the underground section has been removed, making the only thing accessible the temple.
  • The road tunnel was filled with lava and it's northern exit was blocked with stone so you couldn't access it anymore from Tomato Temple

Season 10

  • Tomato Temple was sucked into a black hole along with the rest of the map.


  • Tomato Temple was spotted in the trailer for Season 10.
  • Tomato Temple used to be a named POI until Season 8.