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Tilted season 8.png

Tilted Towers was a big city on the Battle Royale map located at central coordinates D5-D6, in between Loot Lake and Shifty Shafts. It was the area with the most rooms, item chests, windows, and high-rise buildings.

Tilted Towers was first introduced on a development update and was released on January 18, 2018 as a part of Patch 2.0. In Season 4, a meteor Tilted Towers and created a huge crater at the center of the city, completely destroying the 3-story building it hit. After the crater was patched up, construction of a new building began. In Week 9 of Season 5, the building was finished and was turned into a sporting goods shop. In Week 10 of that season, it was destroyed by the CUBE. At the beginning of Season 7, Tilted Towers was partially covered in snow. The snow was removed from the city and its immediate surroundings with the beginning of Season 8. On May 4th, 2019, the day of the Unvaulting event, Tilted Towers was severely damaged by the Volcano, including Retail Row, and the iceberg in Polar Peak. Buildings and cars were left in a complete mess, but the "unluckiest" building in the game managed to survive.

On May 9th, 2019, during the start of Season 9, Titled Towers was re-made and re-named to Neo Tilted, in spite of the futuristic theme for the season.

Points and Sublocations

Tilted Towers Volcano.png
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Brick House

A residential brick house at the southwest part of the city. It has two rooms and an underground garage.

Brick House.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png Garage
Treasure chest (tier 1).png Third floor window space of the staircase.

Clock Tower

An 8-section high Clock Tower and the accent piece of the city. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 3 Chests can be found inside the infrastructure; 2 chests at the top level and 1 at the mid level supported by woods.

Clock Tower.png

Knepley's Pawnshop

A commercial establishment pawnshop at the low-level south part of the city. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests can be found at the gap the leads to underground on the top left corner of the shop.

Knepley's Pawn.png

Twin Building Apartment

A interconnected Twin 3-story white and brown building at south part of the city. Buildings are occupied with residential rooms and outside is a lamp post with a circular flower landscape. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests can be found at the 3rd floor vacant room of the white building and the behind the walls of the 3rd level stair of the brown building.


Garden and Underground Pipeworks

A mini garden on the west part of the city that has 2 big trees and surrounded with boxwood bushes. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest can be found at the center part of the garden and Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest underground pipeworks under the brick sidewalk asphalt.


Semi Trucks

Semi Trucks are vehicles with a container attachment that can be found at the Tilted Towers. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests are found on a separate semi trucks; one is underpass and the other one is outside the street nearby Castle Tower.

Taco House

Small taco house connected to a residential at the northwest part of Tilted Towers. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests can be found on ground floor bedroom and behind the wall at the third floor.

Taco House.png

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop branded with Big Shots Espresso Cafe at the north part of the city. Above the coffee shop is a half-covered basketball court. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chest can be found at the ground floor supply room and behind a broken wall.

BasketballToy.png Half-covered Basketball Court
Tilted Towers Hoops.png


An open garage near the center and parking lot of the city. The car that was outside of the garage on Season 3 is now occupying the inside where Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest can be found.


NOMS Grocery Store Building

A small branch of NOMS Grocery Store at the center part of the city. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests can be found at ground floor storage area and behind the wall.

NOM'S Tilted.png

3-story Twin-L Apartment

A twin apartment building that is commonly referred as "L" apartment for its L-shape architecture. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 3 Chests can be found on the ground floor above the laundry and 2nd floor behind the dresser of the first the building and the other one is on the bathroom stall of the second building.


4-story Office Building

A 4-story office building that was left unfinished at the northwest part of the city. There's an unnamed convenience store at the ground floor and an office setup at the 2nd floor. Piles of plywood can be seen at 3rd and 4th floor that were unfurnished. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests can be found at the top floor and behind wooden walls at the 3rd floor.


5-story Insurance Building

A 5-story insurance building comprised of some offices, a lounge and a parking garage. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 5 Chests can be found in a restroom stall, in the parking garage, on top of a file cabinet in an office, and two can be found hidden behind walls in the lobby. This is the only building left standing after the volcano erupted.

No Sweat Insurance.png

6-story High Rise Building

Second to the highest building in Tilted Towers that is a high-rise type of building composed of residential rooms and garage. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 4 Chests chests can be found on a the rooftop, on the bed at the top floor, behind a broken wall and a gap from the 5th floor.

Brick Building.png

7-story Castle Building

The McGuffin's bookstore

The tallest building commonly referred as Castle Building due to its parapet designed rooftop walls. The building has a McGuffin's bookstore with dining areas inside. Third up to sixth floors that have piles of plywood scattered were vacated. The rooftop part has four large air-conditioning units. The Treasure chest (tier 1).png 4 Chests can be found on a mini-office and behind a wall pass the table at the 2nd floor, on top of the plywood at the 4th floor and on top of the table at 6th floor. It is sometimes referred to by the community as Trump Tower.

Trump Tower.png

Other Loot Spots

  • Magazine Stall
  • Basketball Court
  • Convenience Store
  • Underpass
  • Single Shack


  • Bus Stop
  • Metal Staircase

Commercial Names

Map Changes

Season 2

  • Tilted Towers was added to the Battle Royale Map.

Season 3

The camp site
  • On April 24, 2018, a small camp site appeared on the rooftop in Tilted Towers. The campsite included handheld signs with a picture of a UFO, and a text that read "Today Tomorrow".

Season 4

  • Week 1: A meteor has hit Tilted Towers and created a huge crater at the center of the city completely destroying a 3-story building and slightly damaging the 7-story grey building. Hop Rocks can be also found in the crater. Few cars and busses were flipped over.
The meteor crater
  • Week 2: Work begins at the center of tilted towers to fill up the crater.
  • Week 3: The crater in the area has been patched up. Dump truck are beginning to carry debris and other items from the meteor crash.
    The office building before it was destroyed in season 4
  • Week 7: The Hop Rocks convoy from Tilted Towers is now approaching Snobby Shores. Demolition of the old building is almost complete by a demolishing crane.
  • Week 9: A new building is under construction on the patched up crater that has a similar shape to the facility in Dusty Divot.

Season 5

  • Week 1: The building that was under construction now has support beams outside.
  • Week 5: The building has received more structural support and 1 chest location has slightly moved.
  • Week 9: The building that has been under construction is now complete. It appears to be a sporting goods shop.
  • Week 10: The CUBE moves through Tilted Towers, destroying the new sporting goods shop.

Season 6

  • Week 1: The sporting goods shop destroyed by the CUBE has been surrounded by a wooden fence.
  • Week 4: Demolition crews have moved in and started demolishing the remains of the sporting goods shop.

Season 7

  • Week 1: The demolition of the sporting goods shop is now complete and the construction of a new building in its place has started.
  • There is now snow in some areas of the city.
  • Week 3: Construction of the new building is continued.
  • Week 6: Construction of the new building has almost finished.
  • Week 7: Construction of the new building is very close to being finished.
  • Week 8: Construction of the new building is now finished. It appears to be a news studio.
  • Week 11: All the snow has melted in Tilted Towers. The place appears to be cracking as well.
  • Week 12: The new building has been destroyed by the earthquake.
Tilted Towers during Volcano Event
Tilted Towers after the volcano eruption

Season 8

  • Construction has begun on the new building.
  • Week 4: A new insurance building has been built called "No Sweat Insurance".
  • Week 10: The Unvaulting live event caused the Volcano to send multiple attacks on Tilted, destroying everything, except the No Sweat Insurance building.

Season 9

  • Titled Towers becomes Neo Tilted. Everything in Titled Towers is replaced by futuristic buildings, tall residential homes, as well as a Durrr Burger hologram. Neo Titled replaced everything that was in Tilted Towers and either changed or remodeled the former Tilted Building. The No Sweat Insurance building, that somehow managed to survive the eruption that took place, has been remodeled but not changed completely. Retail Row also now has a new name and new look.


  • There is a bit of irony in the building destruction there. For several seasons the unlucky building was destroyed. Season 8 created the irony of the other buildings destroyed, but the unlucky one stands tall and proud through all the destruction.