Thunderstrike Mari

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Thunderstrike Mari
Hero Thunderstrike Mari.png
Flavor Text
I will be like thunder.
Class Ninja
Character Mari
Event Spring It On! 2018
Source Spring Llama, Birthday Llama
Collection Book Chinese New Year Heroes

Thunderstrike Mari is a Ninja Hero in Save the World.

Hero Perks[edit | edit source]

Standard Perk

Passive bonus granted if this hero is slotted in a Hero Loadout.

Dragon daze icon.png
Dragon Daze
When your shield depletes, knock back and Stun nearby enemies for 1 second(s).

Commander Perk

Replaces the Standard Perk if this hero is slotted as the commander.

Dragon daze icon.png
Dragon Daze
When your Shield depletes, knock back and Stun nearby enemies for 1 second(s). Also deals 47 base Damage."

Class Perks

Mantis leap icon.png
Mantis Leap
Jump an additional time while airborne. Ninjas don't take fall damage.
Shadow stance icon.png
Shadow Stance
After eliminating 1 enemy with melee weapons enter Shadow Stance for 4 seconds. Shadow Stance increases Armor by 60 and Movement Speed by 15%.


Crescent kick icon.png
Crescent Kick
Execute a powerful spin kick which stuns enemies and deals 121 damage.
Dragon slash icon.png
Dragon Slash
Dash forward, slashing enemies for 115 damage.
Smoke bomb icon.png
Smoke Bomb
Drop a smoke bomb which slows enemies and deals 52 damage per second.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Thunderstrike Mari
Thunderstrike mari picture.png
Rarity Legendary

Availability[edit | edit source]

Thunderstrike Mari was available from Spring Llamas purchased from the Vindertech Store during the Spring It On! event.

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