Thunder Route 99

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Thunder Route 99
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Canny Valley's iconic desert highway.
Genre Regions
Release April 11, 2018

Thunder Route 99 is a lost highway, where before the storm, travellers would stop along their way for food, gas, entertainment, or refreshments before continuing on their way. Today, it is a wasteland of forgotten vacations and afternoon drives. As you venture off of the road, campsites, old run down refineries, and mines scatter the landscape, in addition to a few unfortunate vehicles that could not make it back to the road.

Thunder Route 99’s Survive the Storm mode, you will be defending generators located around a central point of the map where Truck’n’ Oasis, and two rival Diners are located. The storm is relentlessly bearing down on this area, so expect attacks from all sides! Prepare for the night by harvesting a plentiful supply of metal nodes, cacti, rocks, cans, and mechanical objects scattered across the landscape.

When designing the locations in Thunder Route 99, we created the diners and gas stations to be relatable, but unique from the current content we are all familiar with in the Suburban, Urban, and Industrial zones. We didn’t want to reskin a building and jam it in and call it done, we’ve been playing with creating more uniquely shaped roof architecture, two story open areas, and broadening the props we use to create believable diners and truckstops.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 5.20 (August 7, 2018)
Bug Fixes
  • Terrain will no longer generate next to each other in Desert and Route 99 biomes, this prevents the pit of doom where players can't build out and are stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Deliver the Bomb track distance was too short in Route 99.
  • Fixed a couple of hard to build out of pits in Desert and Route 99 biomes.