The Zero Point

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Orb X.png

The Zero Point appeared after The Final Showdown Event. The Zero Point Exploded causing Jonesy to be transported to a strange dimension where he saw the past seasons all at once. At the end of the trailer Jonesy was transported back to the Battle Royale Island without his long beard and the Meteor stopped in time right before it destroyed Dusty Depot And the Zero Point was frozen in mid-explosion. The Zero Point is an orb that is surrounded by an anti-gravity field similar to the one the CUBE produced. It becomes cracked when a new Rift Zone is close to opening.

During The End event a rift appeared above the Zero Point after the meteor was sucked into a rift. The Rocket came out of the rift and pointed a laser toward it, just like it did in season 4 towards Tilted Towers. The Rocket collided with the the Zero Point and sent a huge shockwave, knocking all players into the air, then the meteor came out of the rift with 6 rockets sounding it eventually the meteor collided with the Point's forcefield the forcefield bended until the meteor destroyed the Zero Point creating a massive explosion, shortly after the energy condensed creating a black hole that literally sucked in the entire game. The players in the lobby also experienced the event sucking them in as well.

Evolution of The Zero Point[edit | edit source]