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The storyline is an important part of Battle Royale.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

The story of Fortnite: Battle Royale began as such: a dim, blue light in the sky, drawing closer and closer to the Island with each passing day. Observation camps were set up all around the map, and the inhabitants were trying to figure out what it was. But then the bad news struck: it was said to be a comet, bound for the Island. Not too long before May, meteors began to strike the surface of the map, causing temporary damage to structures. Season 4 was about to change everything.

The Meteor during Season 3

Season 4[edit | edit source]

On May 1st 2018, the meteor struck the Island, destroying a Factory and half of Dusty Depot. Smaller shards of the comet crashed into different areas, creating craters near Fatal Fields, Snobby Shores, the Motel, in the center of Tilted Towers, near the Dirt Track, and even in the new drive-in theatre, Risky Reels.


Glowing geodes - Hop Rocks - peppered the map, and in addition to this, two cult-like villain, seers of the future, Omen and Fate, built a Villain Lair above a mountain. With all this buzz came the spark of imaginations, and a movie was in the works. The movie focused on the meteor shower, and how it led to the escape of supervillain Omega. Omega then went on to build an army of robots that combated his arch nemesis, Carbide. In addition to this, a Superhero Mansion was built, and the directors were given permission by Omen and Fate to film at the Villain Lair. Meanwhile, an Unknown Investigation Agency - sometimes referred to as the government - erected a large research facility in the centre of the newly-named Dusty Divot, where they began excavating the comet that crashed. The government also patched up the craters around the Island, as well as removing Hop Rocks from them. Omen and Fate, however, managed to control the transport of the Hop Rocks, sending them to the Villain Lair where their power would be used to fuel a rocket and crack open the sky. Omen and Fate's plan was to collide two worlds together - and they knew that the power contained within the Hop Rocks could do that. However, their plan took a minor 'L'. You see, the government were able to excavate the comet, and inside was revealed to be a large space pod containing an alien-like entity known as The Visitor. The Visitor escaped the pod with a mission - and he headed to the Villain Lair. His true intentions were not revealed until Season X. At the Villain Lair, he began tampering with the rocket - actually a movie prop - and stole the Hop Rocks from Omen and Fate. He, too, needed to crack open the sky.



On June 30th 2018, The Visitor launched the rocket. It's engine crashed into Anarchy Acres, and the rocket, after boosting itself up into the sky, began to fall back down, pointing lasers at Tilted Towers, shortly before a Rift appeared and swallowed the rocket. The rocket re-appeared above Moisty Mire, and started flying around the Island, before eventually being sucked into another Rift. A bigger Rift appeared above Loot Lake, and the rocket flew out of it, creating a huge crack in the sky before finally disappearing.

So what does all this mean? The Visitor did all that on purpose - he needed that to happen. The Hop Rocks contained Zero Point Energy, which was able to open up Rifts - wormholes - allowing for a huge crack in the sky. Worlds were about to collide.

A few days after the game-changing event, Rifts started appearing all over the Island, swallowing objects such as the NOMS sign, the Durr Burger mascot, and the Pizza Pit tomatohead. Rifts also started spitting out objects from another world's - Earth's - past, including a Viking Anchor, skeletal bones, and even Wild West stagecoaches!

New Visitor.png

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Paradise Palms.png
Lazy Links Geo-1.png
Tomato Temple Geo-1.png
Viking Outpost Geo-1.png

On July 12, 2018, Moisty Mire became a large desert biome, possibly because of a drought or the influence of Rifts. The Prison was taken down and Paradise Palms was built near its place. Anarchy Acres was replaced by Lazy Links, Tomato Town was soon replaced by Tomato Temple, and a large Viking Outpost appeared on a mountain near Greasy Grove, the same mountain an anchor appeared by.

The Crack in the sky started spitting out lightning in the desert, on a silent hill of cacti. The Crack consistently shot lightning at each individual cacti on the hill, the last bolt of lightning eventually creating the CUBE, causing The Crack to vanish from the sky. The CUBE, a strange purple object illuminated with runes and shot lightning when threatened, started rolling around the map. On its path, it crushed a hut near Fatal Fields and creating seven runes in the ground across the map, causing low gravity zones. It also damaged a new building in Tilted Towers, one that replaced the old one destroyed by a meteor. On September 19th, The CUBE eventually rolled into the Loot Lake, dissolving and making the water bouncy, remaining for multiple days.

Melting Kevin.jpg

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Loot lake rises.png

On September 27, the CUBE returned from The Sinking Event, turning the island in the middle of Loot Lake into a Floating Island. The seven runes across the map blew up, creating Corrupted Areas. Traveling across the map, the Floating Island visited the Corrupted Areas, absorbing the power of the runes. Many weeks after traveling across the map, all the Corrupted Areas lifted from their places and floated to the Floating Island at the center of the island, sending it the rest of their power. A few days after, The Floating Island abandoned the Corrupted Areas and returned to Loot Lake, renamed to Leaky Lake, and created a portal in the sky. Eventually, the CUBE gave off a small explosion, dividing the island into multiple pieces and sending multiple CUBE Obelisks across the island, summoning multiple Husks.


On November 4, 2018, the CUBE, greatly damaged after its small explosion, lost a piece of itself in the hole of Leaky Lake before spinning around, brightening up, and exploding. All the players were transported into a strange dimension, known as the Inbetween, where a rift butterfly appeared, taking the players back to the island. The Floating Island, along with the remains of the CUBE dropped and stopped the leak of Loot Lake. Shortly after The Butterfly Event, a parachute appeared at Flush Factory, left behind, featuring a logo of a globe between a camera lens. The robot, called A.I.M., scouting the island. Following the scout, a large iceberg appeared in the distance, snow following with it.

Bye Kevin.jpg

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Frosty Flights.png

On December 6, the iceberg from the distance hit the southwest part of the map, burying Flush Factory in snow and Greasy Grove under ice. The Iceberg added a large new snow biome onto the island, including Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights and Polar Peak. Expedition Outposts were set up across the map, featuring the same symbol from the parachute at Flush Factory and the symbol at Frosty Flights. Polar Peak slowly melted across multiple weeks, revealing a town around a castle, holding an Ice King and a Prisoner.

New Ice King.png

On January 15, 2019, an ice sphere, the Ice King along with a piece of the CUBE inside it, appeared over Polar Peak. A few days after, the sphere exploded, releasing the The Ice King. Using his power, he created a large snow version of himself, summoning a large wave of snow that covered the whole island in snow, and creating large snow obelisks which created Snow Husks. During the Ice Storm Event, The Prisoner was able to escape, slowly making it to Wailing Woods. His power slowly grew, causing the snow to slowly melt back to the southwest and the grass and trees at Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, The Block and Tomato Temple to turn brown too. Using a ritual, The Prisoner transformed to his true form and could begin to combat back against The Ice King. Earthquakes began to consistently occur, causing multiple cracks around the island and even a new building in Tilted Towers, the one replacing the building destroyed by the CUBE, to collapse.

Ice King Event 2.png

Season 8[edit | edit source]

Volcano 4k.png

On February 28th, The Prisoner used his power to turn Wailing Woods into a large jungle biome, creating a large Volcano, and destroying Lazy Links and some parts of Tomato Temple. In the original place of Lazy Links, a Lagoon was created, a new location set to be the home for pirates, called Lazy Lagoon. In response to the creation of the jungle biome, a Expedition Base was set up in the original location of The Block.

The Fire King

The Unknown Investigation Agency returned, created a dig site west of Paradise Palms. The excavation created a hole filled with skulls, and multiple more Volcano Vents around the area. The second dig site was set in the center of the abandoned and tree filled research facility of Dusty Divot. The excavation created a hole that ended up being filled with lava. The third dig site was set east of Loot Lake, revealing a large sheet of metal, holding a large stash of coins under the island. The fourth and final dig site appeared at the center of Loot Lake. The Vault was excavated at the bottom of the site, and The Unknown Investigation Agency created a base at Loot Lake. Five runes appeared across the island, and all were eventually sent to Loot Lake and placed into the Vault, slowly activating it. The first one slowly moved across the map from Lucky Landing. The second appeared over Loot Lake and required three beams around the map to send it into the Vault. The third appeared stuck in a Dance Club and required dance to teleport to Loot Lake. The fourth one appeared on a hill north of Tilted Town, and required nine tiles below it to match up to teleport. The fifth one appeared over the Volcano and required the Volcano to be fed items to teleport. Upon all five runes being set into the Vault, the Volcano began to smoke, seemingly ready to erupt.

On May 4th, the Vault activated, and players around the Vault could enter inside, the inside of the Vault revealed to be an entrance to the Inbetween, where they could vote to choose which item would be unvaulted. The Drum Gun was chosen to be unvaulted. In response to The Unvaulting Event, the Volcano erupted, destroying nearly half of Retail Row, greatly damaging Polar Peak, and destroying most of Tilted Towers, besides the building that replaced every other destroyed building.

Polar Peak Event.png
Retail Row Event.png
Tilted Towers Event8.png

Season 9[edit | edit source]

Neo Tilted.png
Pressure Plant After.png
Polar Castle in Water.png
Polar Monster 2.png

On May 9th, the remains of Tilted Towers and Retail Row were replaced by Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, futuristic versions of the old buildings. The Volcano was also turned into a Pressure Plant controlled by The Unknown Investigation Agency. Most of the technology, including the new Slipstreams that traveled around Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, and one that went around the map, were being powered by the energy of the Vault.


A few weeks after the futuristic change, Polar Peak slowly collapsed and a seemingly one eyed monster came out, and fled to the water. Sightings of the monster could be seen swimming across the map occasionally, Polar Peak on its back. Not too long after its escape, it attacked a building in Snobby Shores that was defending from vikings. It soon attacked a modern building in Pleasant Park and destroyed a large building in Loot Lake, damaging the power cord to Neo Tilted.

The Devourer

In preparation of another attack, Pressure Plant was transformed into a building area for the Mecha, a large machine created by Singularity, a being from the Vault. A few days after the Mecha was finished, the monster, labeled as The Devourer, attacked once again. It appeared from the water northwest of Lazy Lagoon, and made its way to the Vault, attempting to break into it. The Mecha was turned on and fought back against The Devourer. Although The Devourer was too strong for Mecha alone, the Mecha destroyed the Vault entrance, used the Nexus, an orb that powers the Vault, and killed The Devourer with a sword from Neo Tilted disguised as a Singularity statue. The Mecha shot into space afterward, leaving the Singularity Sword there, stabbed in the Skeletal Remains of The Devourer. However, the Nexus Orb was exposed, and began to crack and destabilize.

The Final Showdown

Season X[edit | edit source]

Dusty Depot Season X.png

The Zero Point, shortly after The Final Showdown Event, blew up and caused time to break, reverting Dusty Divot and Dusty Diner back into Dusty Depot and the Factory. Four seconds before they would have been hit hit by the Meteor again, however it is now frozen in midair. The Visitor returned from the Meteor and took control of Dusty Depot, making it his home while creating the Rift Beacon. After using the Rift Beacon, it was first used to transform Neo Tilted into Tilted Town, a Rift Zone where players were not allowed to build or destroy inside. The Rift Beacon next turned Mega Mall into Retail Row, however it was filled with infinite spawning Husks. The third use of a Rift Beacon malfunctioned and made a Stadium into a Destroyed Stadium with glitched out consumables. The next use turned a Pueblo and Trucker's Oasis temporarily to Pandora (POI), a location that was differently cell shaded and healed players with shield. Keeping his first Rift Beacon in Pandora, he created a second Rift Beacon and used it in Fatal Fields, creating a new version of the Floating Island.

Rift Beacon
Destroyed Stadium 10.40.png
Floating Island 1.png
The Scientist

It's next use turned the frozen over Greasy Grove into a different version of it, that was no longer under ice and caused players to rain and dance with tacos occasionally. The next use turned Paradise Palms into Moisty Palms, a combination of Paradise Palms and Moisty Mire where players could turn into props. The next to last use of the Rift Beacon transformed Tilted Town into Gotham City, a new location where players could redeploy using a Batman Cape. The final use of a Rift Beacon turned the Depot Race Track into Starry Suburbs, an modern version of Starry Suburb Ruins that rained stars filled with loot. Each creation of new Rift Zones added multiple small Cracks into the sky. After the final use of the Rift Beacons, The Visitor used them along with B.R.U.T.E tech as parts to rebuild The Rocket in Dusty Depot.

On October 13th, The Rocket was launched once again. It flew into a Rift and returned again from Greasy Grove, flying to Lonely Lodge. Six more rockets appeared from the cracks in the sky. The Rockets together created a very large Rift below the Meteor just before it started moving again. Instead of crashing back into Dusty Divot, it went through the Rift. The first Rocket returned again, pointing lasers at The Zero Point in Loot Lake. The Rocket collided with the Nexus, creating a giant shockwave. The meteor returned in the same Rift above Loot Lake with the other six Rockets. It collided with the The Zero Point, causing both to explode. The explosion created a black hole, which sucked the whole island inside of it.

The Black Hole
The Final Version of Athena
T UI ChallengeTile ZeroPoint.png

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 11 Map.png

On October 15th, two days since The End Event, The black hole vanishes and sends a collision through space and time, ending with a new universe, where two factions called E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R., who were possibly the only living beings in this "new" universe, are in constant wars between each other. The leader of A.L.T.E.R., Chaos Agent, who was originally a fictional character from a movie called "The Final Reckoning" seen in Gotham City, is now a real entity, and owns the Kevolution Energy company and Dirty Docks.

Originally, E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R. didn't know about each other. E.G.O. was originally living happily on the island, Turk occasionally hanging out with Outcast and Rippley joining the group on their journies. However, E.G.O. eventually discovered a large business going down in Dirty Docks featuring people that looked fairly similar to them, A.L.T.E.R.. They began to have multiple encounters with each other, E.G.O. often being hunted and tracked by A.L.T.E.R.. However, they would always manage to escape.

Even though they escaped every time, Chaos Agent was planning in the shadows, with the goal of taking over the island with the help of the alterations of E.G.O., a woman called Sorana, and a man-slurp creation called Big Chuggus.

Chaos RisingLS.png

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Spy Games Promo Image.jpg

The constant war continued to February 20th between E.G.O., now known as GHOST, and A.L.T.E.R., now known as SHADOW. A mysterious figure known as Midas joins GHOST, becomes leader of the group, and also creates The Agency over Eye Land, the center of the island. In addition, multiple Spy Locations, known as The Grotto, The Rig, The Yacht, and The Shark have appeared at the corners of the island. SHADOW, hidden around the map, plans on taking over the island starting with the large spy locations. First, The Grotto along with Brutus joins SHADOW. Soon after, The Rig is destroyed and it and TNTina became under the control of A.L.T.E.R.. The Yacht was also taken over by Deadpool, causing Meowscles to be kicked from The Yacht and sent to live in a Box Factory. In response to the SHADOW attacks, The Shark became a prison base, it and Skye working for GHOST. Midas, with some help with a highly skilled engineer, discreetly creates a Doomsday Device with the goal of controlling The Storm.


On June 15th, the Doomsday Device was ready to activate. During the few weeks before it was activated, The Storm began to have multiple problems. When the Doomsday Device activated, The Storm surrounded The Agency. Five energy coils rose from hatches around The Agency, shortly before The Agency blew up to reveal the Doomsday Device rising up on a platform. The device activated, sending energy through the coils at The Storm. It began to be pushed back from the device, causing strange hallucinations and visions. However, The Storm was pushed back, until The Storm suddenly turned into a large tsunami over the island. Although, the Doomsday Device was shut down, Midas' plan seemed to become a large malfunction. With The Agency destroyed, A.L.T.E.R. planned a quick attack that ended with them successfully taking over The Agency.


Season 3[edit | edit source]

Black Agency1.png
The Hurricane Fortilla1.png

On June 17th, two days after The Device Event, The Storm could no longer hold the tsunami and released it onto the island. Several parts of the map were flooded and destroyed. However, certain parts survived and adapted to the new flood. Although it seemed peaceful, SHADOW had control of the island after rebuilding The Agency into The Authority, which is now lead by the new SHADOW leader, Jules. However, a new GHOST rebellion spot has been built, called The Fortilla, where those who want to fight for the island go. The rebellion is lead by Ocean, along with Brutus (who switched to GHOST after losing The Grotto to a flood). Although most of the old spies have vanished after their locations were either flooded or destroyed, Meowscles thrived in his Box Factory, turning it into a robot factory called Catty Corner, where his new son, Kit, builds his own robots that he controls.

As more weeks passed, the flood over the island was soon drained down to its normal level. This allowed most locations to somewhat return to normal while a large whirlpool on the northwestern quadrant of the island caused a sinkhole into a lost city called the Coral Castle.


As time passed, a spaceship appeared onto the island, crashing into the water. Although, it was eventually above water when the level dropped. It seems the astronaut controlling the spaceship, Deo, with the goal to explore a planet new to them. However, since his spaceship crashed, it was damaged. He was able to repair the ship before heading back through space. When the spaceship went into space, it went through a Rift, causing Rifts to begin appearing again. The Spaceship soon returned, landing behind Apres Ski. Deo left the spaceship opened as he went to explore, likely the goal to find another astronaut, Siona. As time went on further, nothing special occurred. The battle between GHOST and SHADOW continued on. But that no longer was the true story.

In another place, Thor, god of thunder, lived in Asgard, his home, as king. But not long as the new king, Galactus, devourer of worlds, appeared needing aid to defeat a deadly force. Thor, with the goal of protecting his home, helped Galactus in searching out five planets that would give Galactus the power to fight back this force threatening their reality. In return, Galactus would give Thor cosmic power that would make him much stronger than ever. In the search, the two encounter a Rift. Galactus, sensing infinite power through the Rift goes for it seeking the power. Thor then decides to go against Galactus by heading into the Rift and warning whoever was past it. By going through the rift, he appeared onto the island. He searched for life that he could warn, while he could feel some power trying to control him. He eventually did find people, but they didn't want to listen. They wanted to fight. While Thor tried to convince them, he began to lose his memory as well as his hammer, which was dropped somewhere on the island. The sight of Galactus soon arriving gave him enough time to warn Sif, a guardian of the Bifrost of Asgard. Sif, using the power of the Bifrost, brought Marvel characters to the island to aid Thor. However, they were all to lose their memories.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

On August 27th, sometime after the Marvel characters arrived, they were quickly to lose their memories. From losing their memories, they seemed to lose most of their powers. But Thor set out to figure out his purpose for bringing all of the warriors onto the island. All the heroes set out on journeys to find themselves and awaken themselves so they could regain their powers and defend their reality from the threat that was coming, Galactus.

Captain America

Doctor Doom, a Marvel character, with the bit of memory and power he had, was able to take over Pleasant Park and turn it into his own home, which he called Doom's Domain. Jennifer Walters was able to find a place for her on the island. In Retail Row, a law offices building was made for her as a lawyer. Tony Stark also found a place for himself, as he created a farm to keep track of his work and his memories. He began to create strange beacons in a circle of the northeast quandrant of the island. The flying helicarrier in the sky was set as a watching point for all of the island. Patrol sites were set up to drop Quinjets off to keep watch of the island with Stark Robots. As all the excitement of these superheroes went on, it seemed to appear as if the battle between GHOST and SHADOW have finally began to come to a close. Not only have most of the people from both groups go missing in action, but all the locations were being abandoned, or packed up. As The Fortilla was left to be lost in the water, any other building that was owned by SHADOW was beginning to pack up.

Tony Stark

Not too long after, random pieces of land had begun to appear on the island, seemingly taken from Rifts. First, a Trask Transport Truck appeared on the island, besides the Homely Hills. Then, an Ant Manor, next to a Flopper Pond. Then, a Panther Prowl statue west of Misty Meadows. Finally, a piece of The Collection, a famous gathering of many objects obtained by The Collector. It appeared as if this world was crossing with the Marvel world, causing them to start to combine together. Meanwhile, Tony Stark's devices had begun to power on, sending beacons into the sky. They seemed to begin to form a strange forcefield around the northwest quandrant of the map, most notably over Frenzy Farm. This eventually led to the largest piece of land to appear, crashing over Frenzy Farm and all of the farm area. This was a piece of Upstate New York, home of Stark Industries, the new headquarters for Tony Stark as well as Marvel characters to plan to fight against Galactus.

Short Storylines[edit | edit source]

Food Fight[edit | edit source]

Food Fight.jpg
New Beef Boss.png

The Food Fight was the battle between Tomatohead's Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit and Beef Boss' Durrr Burger as they rivaled against each other throughout the history of the island. The Food Fight began with the creation of both companies, and the locations they were originally at. Tomato Town was the home of Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit. Greasy Grove was the home for Durrr Burger. However, they were not full rivals at the time, they did have small conflict with each other.

After The Blast-Off Event, Rifts started to appear around the map, eventually taking both the spinning Pizza Pit head, and the iconic Durrr Burger head. Ever since then, both original locations have suffered many changes. Tomato Town changed into Tomato Temple, causing the original Pizza Pit to nearly vanish. Not long after, Durrr Burger was forced to shut down the original building due to health issues. Shortly after the Durrr Burger building shut down, two small trucks appeared in Greasy Grove, one belonging to Pizza Pit and the other Durrr Burger. Thus, the battle continued on as both food trucks raced each other around the island. The Food Fight continued greater, and was worthy to receive a Food Fight LTM, and even a sequel to it, Food Fight: Deep Fried, to represent the battle between the companies.

After traveling around a large fraction of the island, both companies decided to settle in Retail Row, building slightly small replicas of their old buildings. After both buildings were complete, both groups stopped the constant fighting and focused on their own companies than the status of their rival company. However, shortly after the settlement of the companies, a Volcano erupted during The Unvaulting Event, destroying the eastern part of Retail Row, including both the of the new buildings.

Sometime after The Unvaulting Event, the future came to the island, creating Mega Mall, the new version of Retail Row and new home to Pizza Pit, and also Neo Tilted, the new version of Tilted Towers as well as a new home to the Durrr Burger. After the creations of the new areas, it seemed that once again the companies would live in peace.

Very long after, space and time collapsed, causing an old Visitor to return to the island. In his plan, he created an object called a Rift Beacon, first using it on Neo Tilted, turning it into a location with no Durrr Burger, Tilted Town. The second use of the Rift Beacon changed Mega Mall into an older version of Retail Row that didn't involve the old Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit buildings.

After The End Event, everything on the island was consumed into a black hole, eventually ending up with a new island. The island included a Durrr Burger Food Truck and Pizza Pete Food Truck, also soon to have a Crusty Cruiser. However, the two companies had no rivalry. The last known remains of the old Food Fight lay in Weeping Woods, in a spot called Greasy Graves, where the heads of the two companies stare at each other to no end. Nothing has yet to wipe out this monument.

For the Gnomes!/For the Bears![edit | edit source]

The battle of the Gnomes vs the Bears was a rival storyline that seemed to last for around a month. Sometime after arriving on the new island, a simple cabin appeared on the northwest of Weeping Woods. In the Weeping Woods lived a large group of stuffed bears, who had one goal, to find and collect all the honey around the map. However, one thing was stopping them, the Gnomes that lived nearby in Holly Hedges. The bears captured a gnome that attempted to stop them and trapped him in a cage hidden under the cabin. However, other gnomes learned about this and began to prepare for battle. Outside the cabin, multiple gnomes were on lookout, waiting to attack with explosives and save their friend.

Not too long after, the bears were successful. They capture a large number of honey from around the map to store and eat whenever. However, it was then the gnomes attacked. They broke in from a door outside as a quick access to the basement. The bears fought against the gnomes, ending up defeating one gnome. However, the gnomes were successful. They put most of the bears in prison, and even killed a bear in return for their lost ally. They left one bear out, and started to interrogate it.

A.Peely House12.png
BEar House12.40 12.png

Not long after the victory of the gnomes, the bears were able to break out of jail and prepare for war. They set up a tank and firecrackers on a battlefield while gnomes brought a cannon and multiple farming tools on the other side of the battlefield. They began to battle on the northeast edge of Weeping Woods.

Eventually, the bears and gnomes somehow found a way to come up with a resolution and were able to make friends. On the southeast of Weeping Woods, the bears and gnomes have begun creating a list of notes and other details to work together and make friends. Other bears and gnomes celebrated their resolution with drinks, seemingly ending the battle for the gnomes and for the bears.

After a large flood, most of the bears and gnomes survived on a floating raft with a white flag. Most of bears and gnomes relaxed and played games together while the bear and gnome leaders were on the lookout for something unknown. Meanwhile, many other bears and gnomes were on the island together. A gnome has been sitting on a radio tower for a long while, now with a pirate flag on the radio tower. A pirate bear has also appeared in the roof of a house with multiple bags of gold. A bear and gnome puppet show has also appeared in a storage boat.

Rock Love[edit | edit source]

In Season 7, a large groups of rocks formed together near the northeast of the island into the shape of a large man. However, he seemed alone and had no purpose. While he began wandering the island, another group of rocks formed together to create a stone lady, who also didn't have much purpose. However, they eventually found each other a distance from each other. They greeted each other by waving. However, they weren't able to meet each other, since a large earthquake occurred and created a large Volcano near where the two were at. The shaking caused them to collapse.

Although it seemed like the story was over from the start of Season 8, the stone man and stone lady reformed from the rocks once again. As they tried to reach each other from around the Volcano, the stone man found a flower on the ground and decided to pick it up. The two met up once more, in between them a large amount of lava flowing from the inside of the Volcano. The stone man offered the flower as a gift. Overjoyed from the gift, the stone lady attempted to cross the lava. In fear of what could happen to her, the stone man rushed to her. The stone lady made it to a spot over the lava, awaiting the stone man to drop to her. The stone man began going across his side of the lava, holding tightly to the flower above the lava. The stone lady helped him up and the two became a couple.

At the beginning of Season 9, the stone couple vanished. As it once again appeared that the story was over, they reappeared on the eastern side of the island within the jungle. There, they began to live, growing flowers and raising a stone child. Sometime after the stone man and lady began to relax, their purpose seemingly fulfilled, the stone child went off on his own adventure to find his purpose. As the stone child explored the jungle, he came across a stone dog hiding. The stone child went to comfort the dog and they became quick friends. Shortly after, the stone family went away again, eventually returning to their work. The stone child began to constantly play in the jungle. The stone dog didn't stay very close to the stone child, but did enjoy being somewhat near him.

One day, the stone child fell off the ledge of a cliff, holding on as much as he could. The stone man and stone lady saw him from the farm and began calling out in worry. Luckily, the stone dog ran to the hill just in time to pull the stone child back over the cliff. The stone man and stone lady were relieved and held each others hands. After everything ended well, the stone family and stone dog vanished starting Season 10, seemingly fulfilling their purpose.

The Golden Chair of Midas[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 2 Season 2 The Agency was added onto the island, over Eye Land (the center of the whole island). There, Midas lived as a leader of an organization called GHOST. Midas had a special ability, where everything he touched with his golden hands also turned to gold. So in the meeting room of The Agency, Midas had a chair that stood out. It was made of gold, which made it desirable to some.

Eventually, a thief, or a group of thieves, broke into The Agency and stole the golden chair. They had a full plan set up where once they stole it from the meeting room, they would take it to a boat they rowed to the island with. They would row to the west where a truck would be waiting, holding a stolen rope from The Yacht. Once they made it to the truck, they rushed into Salty Springs and hid in the blue building, placing the rope near the top of the staircase, replacing an old desk chair with the golden one on the top floor, and removing a GHOST recruitment poster off the wall and into the trash hatefully. Unexpectedly, the golden chair was so heavy, it crashed through the ground and onto the bottom floor, creating a large mess. In the end, the blue house was repaired, however the golden chair was put away into a storage boat that soon left the island.

However, the gold chair was eventually found again. It was given to SHADOW after the storage boat went away from the island. Soon, it was added to the shrine set up at the top floor of The Authority. This shrine is meant to honor Brutus with his helmet as well of images of him, but now also honors Midas among the other chairs as the one that always stood out.

Coral Buddies[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 2 Season 3, a small island appeared on the northwest quadrant of the island, east of the Sharky Shell. A group of coral, known as the Coral Buddies, settled onto the island to make it their civilizations. Quickly, more coral began to appear and settle onto the island with wooden pirate ships to catch fish. They would soon build wooden houses to live in.

Shortly after, the Coral Buddies moved from the wood age to the stone age, building more advanced homes as well building large Egyptian-like structures like a pyramid. The Coral also began to spread across to other lands near the island, starting to build sphinxes. They continued to improve very quickly, even making it into another age. They eventually built a rocket ship and sent it into space, their greatest achievement so far.

A crashed pirate ship was discovered near the islands, and a chemical substance was found within a ship. A coral scientists took this chemical and tampered with it, creating a nuclear explosion. This explosion spread over the Coral Buddies' island, causing multiple issues. All the inhabitants became cyborg-like creatures, and they left the homes of them to be destroyed. This island eventually vanished into the water, never to be seen again.

Super Slurp Juice[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 2 Season 4, a small group of gnomes met up on the northwestern quadrant of the island, southwest of Apres Ski. The gnomes all met up for what was called a Gnom Talk, referencing a Ted Talk. The main gnome was a uniquely different styled gnome with a blue hat, promoting a new type of slurp, Super Slurp Juice. This Super Slurp Juice seemed to be popular to many gnomes, for it was promoted by multiple mini posters and tiny billboards around the island. However, the Gnom Talk ended awkwardly, as the main gnome was blown up from the Super Slurp Juice, as it turned out to have an explosive reaction.

Shortly after the Gnom Talk incident, Super Slurp Juice was downed upon. All the posters and billboards were sprayed over with graffiti, leaving the future of Super Slurp Juice left unknown. However, a figure appeared, hiding in a Ghost House. In the basement of the place, he built a lair, filled with multiple Super Slurp Juice objects, as well as mini three robot army and a map with five points marked. The figure was a unique gnome, with a red hat and cybernetic parts of him. His goal was to use Super Slurp Juice as weaponized materials to blow up locations around the map.

More gnomes began to show themselves, either grouping up to fight this person using Super Slurp Juice for bad or helping him succeed in his plot. Multiple Super Slurp Barrels have appeared at Named Locations, covered with Remote Explosives. However, gnomes were able to discover these barrels and disarm them before any harm occurred, leaving this mysterious gnome to start his next plan.