The Ice King Challenges

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The Ice King Challenges are an exclusive Season 7 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Outliving certain amounts of opponents will unlock three additional styles for the The Ice King outfit as well as a Back Bling, Harvesting Tool, and Emote. The Ice King Challenges can be completed even after the season end.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Challenge Reward
Outlive 500 opponents IceMantleBackBling.png

Ice Mantle Back Bling

Outlive 1,000 opponents TheIceKingClothingColorBlack.png

The Ice King Black Clothing

Outlive 2,500 opponents IceScepterHarvestingTool.png

Ice Scepter Harvesting Tool

Outlive 7,500 opponents TheIceKingClothingColorSilver.png

The Ice King Silver Clothing

Outlive 15,000 opponents PointItOutIcon.png

Point It Out Emote

Outlive 25,000 opponents TheIceKingClothingColorGold.png

The Ice King Gold Clothing