The Grotto

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Official artwork that showcases The Grotto.

The Grotto is a named POI included in the Chapter 2 Season 2 map, directly in between Dirty Docks and Retail Row. It is an underground facility with large fans. The facility has computer-controlled SHADOW Henchmen that patrol and guard the area. Brutus patrols the area with his Mythic Minigun, which is dropped upon his death.

There are multiple phone-booths available for players to disguise themselves as Henchmen, as well as several ziplines. Security equipment, such as cameras and turrets are set up all throughout the main base, locking on to players that are not disguised and damaging them.

Map Changes[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2 - Season 2[edit | edit source]

v12.00[edit | edit source]

  • The Grotto is added to the map.

v12.10[edit | edit source]

  • The Grotto is transitioned from a neutral base into a Shadow hideout. The face of the cave, which was previously open, has been covered by a stone skull.