The Blast-Off Event (Season 4)

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The Blast Off Event was a live event in Fortnite Battle Royale. On June 30th 2018, the countdown expired and the rocket took off slowly. After a couple of seconds, the thrusters flew off and landed at Anarchy Acres. The Rocket sped up and went up, going to the atmosphere. It stopped flying and a messaged was heard across the map saying: "Zero Point Oscillators On, Setting Coordinates..." and some weird noises also appeared. After the message appeared, the lasers turned on and were pointing at Tilted Towers. The Rocket sped up and went really fast, but a big rift appeared over Tilted Towers and swallowed The Rocket. Another rift appeared above Moisty Mire and The Rocket flew out of it. The Rocket was speeding around the map, going over Retail Row, Wailing Woods, then taking a sharp left turn, flying over Loot Lake, then went through Greasy Grove and Viking Outpost before another big rift appearing and taking The Rocket. Another big rift appeared over Loot Lake, making some sounds before letting The Rocket out and flying up to the sky, before making a big crack in the sky, and then The Rocket disappeared.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the crazy event, things from the Battle Royale map started to disappear and things from our world started to appear. Every day, a rift would appear on a different object, then 24 hours later the rift will take the object, bringing it to our world. The first thing to disappear was the Lonely Lodge sign, then the Motel sign, then Tomatohead, NOMS sign, and the Durrr Burger. then Over the couple of days, The Crack started to expand over near Greasy Grove. After 2 more days, The Crack expanded over Anarchy Acres. On the last day of Season 4, The Crack expanded over to the Race Track.

Gallery[edit | edit source]