Thar She Tumbles

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Thar She Tumbles
Light Bulb-icon.png
We're unable to pinpoint Gravestone's location from homebase. We'll have to find another way.
Type Main Quest
Page 7
Series 1
Repeatable No
Region Canny Valley
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Thar She Tumbles is a quest that is part of Canny Valley main quest line.

Description[edit | edit source]

  • We're unable to pinpoint Gravestone's location from homebase. We'll have to find another way. Can be only completed in a desert or Thunder Route 99 zone.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Collect 10 Tumbleweed Movement Data in a 52+ zone

Rewards[edit | edit source]


Story[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

Ray.png  Ray:    Commander, I've gotten a distress call from Anthony.
Ray.png  Ray:    He's found a group of survivors in Gravestone.
Ray.png  Ray:    The Gravestone. The town where where Blackboot Ayers took his final stand.
Ray.png  Ray:    And... he's back. In monster form.
Ray.png  Ray:    We need to help, but Gravestone isn't showing up on my map...
Ray.png  Ray:    But I have an idea.

Head out and search for tumbleweeds.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Collecting first tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    There's one.
Ray.png  Ray:    The old song "The way to gravestone." ends with the line,
Ray.png  Ray:    Follow the road where the tumbleweeds blow.
Ray.png  Ray:    And... that is all the information we've got. So...
Ray.png  Ray:    Lead the way tumbleweeds!

Collecting second tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    The tumbleweeds do seem to be moving in the same direction.
Ray.png  Ray:    We need more tumbleweeds.

Collecting third tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    Alright, tubmleweed! Show us the way.
Ray.png  Ray:    Any time now.
Ray.png  Ray:    Git along.
Ray.png  Ray:    Sigh. Let's find some more tumbleweeds.

Collecting fourth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    What's the worse idea, taking direction from dried up weeds...
Ray.png  Ray:    Or heading to a town called Gravestone?

Collecting fifth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    Another tumbleweed, nice and pointy!

Collecting sixth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    The data analysis is uncovering coordinates!
Ray.png  Ray:    Onward to Gravestone!
Ray.png  Ray:    Cautiously onward!

Collecting seventh tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    Another tumbleweed, perfectly tumbly.

Collecting eighth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    That she tumbles.

Collecting ninth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    Great job! One more tumbleweed should be enough.

Collecting tenth tumbleweed data

Ray.png  Ray:    Well done! You've collected enough tumbleweeds. For life.

Outro[edit | edit source]

Ray.png  Ray:    Ahh, what do you know? The tumbleweeds are pointing us right to that dense block of murky evil probably hiding the Dark Gunslinger!
Ray.png  Ray:    I'm not happy about going right into the heart of darkness, but this Ayers guy needs to be taken down a peg.
Ray.png  Ray:    And you're just the one to do it!