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This template is used to parse accepted values for {{rarity}} into standardized spelling and capitalization for use in other templates. These values may be retrieved by using {{#var:rarity}} at any point on a page after where {{ParseRarity}} was defined.

The most common use for this template is in {{infobox}}m/{{infobox}} to color-code infoboxes with their rarity colors. When creating a new infobox that requires color coding, simply include {{ParseRarity|{{{rarity|}}} }} at the top of the new template.


Setting value


Retrieving value



Setting value

{{ParseRarity|purple}} = (this template does not produce any output without retrieving the value as follows)

Retrieving value

{{#var:rarity}} = Epic

Translation Information

This template is used to generate class selectors for color coding {{infobox}}m in MediaWiki:Common.css. As a result, please do not translate the words after each =, but you may translate the words before each = to any common words that may be used for each rarity in the target language.