Supply Llama

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Supply Llama
Category Battle Royale Items
Introduced Patch 3.3
Last Adjustment Patch 12.10

Supply Llama, usually referred to by the community as Loot Llama or just Llama, is a loot cache available in Battle Royale. Only 5 Supply Llamas exist per match, with their locations chosen at random. They can be opened by holding the "interact" key on them, similar to a Treasure Chests. They can also be broken with the Pickaxe or shot at with any weapon, which still drops the items inside. Supply Llama was introduced in Patch 3.3. In the Playground mode, there are 100 Supply Llamas. They are commonly referred by the community as Loot Llamas due to a desire to keep consistency with alliteration commonly found in Fortnite. There used to be only 3 Supply Llamas on the map, but after the 9.30 Content Update, there are now 5.

They were removed with the Chapter 2 Season 2 update, but were brought back in Patch 12.10. It is unknown if their initial removal was intentional or not.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Supply Llama
Time to Use 5
Destructible Yes
Hitpoints 250

Contents[edit | edit source]

Supply Llama guarantees 10 stacks of each ammo (except rockets), 350 (in quantity) of each resource (Wood, Stone, Metal), 3 stacks of utility/consumable items and 3 traps.

Item Quantity (in a stack) Chance
Shells 'n' slugs icon.png


4 100%
Light bullets icon.png

Light Bullets

18 100%
Medium bullets icon.png

Medium Bullets

10 100%
Heavy bullets icon.png

Heavy Bullets

6 100%
Wood icon.png


200 100%
Stone icon.png


200 100%
Metal icon.png


200 100%
Shield potion icon.png

Shield Potion

1 19.1%
Consumable bandage.png


5 16.0%
Grenade icon.png


3 12.8%
Consumable Small Shield Potion.png

Small Shield Potion

3 12.8%
Consumable medkit.png


1 6.4%
Consumable slurp.png

Slurp Juice

1 5.1%
Boogie bomb icon.png

Boogie Bomb

1 3.8%
Stink bomb icon.png

Stink Bomb

3 2.6%
Consumable chug.png

Chug Jug

1 2.2%
Consumable bush.png


1 1.9%
Retractable floor spikes icon.png

Damage Trap

1 67.8%
Launch Pad.png

Launch Pad

1 9.6%
Cozy campfire icon.png

Cozy Campfire

1 7.5%

Changes[edit | edit source]

9.30 Content Update #1 (June 25, 2019)
  • Increased the material count from 200 of each to 350 of each.
  • Increased the total number of Llamas per match from 3 to 5.

Patch 5.0 (July 12, 2018)

Bug Fix
  • Supply Llamas now fall to the ground if the object they were standing on is destroyed.

4.3 Content Update (June 5, 2018)

  • Decreased material stacks from 500 to 200 per resource.
  • Explosive Ammo removed.

Patch 4.1 (May 1, 2018)

  • Increased pickaxe damage against Supply Llamas, now dealing 50 damage per hit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]