Stark Industries Supply Drone

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Stark Industries Supply Drone
Stark Industries Supply Drone.png
Introduced Patch 14.0

The Stark Industries Supply Drone is a loot cache object found at Quinjet Patrol Sites. Similar to the Supply Drone, it drops Rare or above weapons, but it also includes new Mythic abilities and the Stark Industries Energy Rifle.

Loot Pool[edit | edit source]


Rare, Epic, Legendary Stark Industries Energy Rifle

Rare, Epic, Legendary Charge Shotgun

Rare, Burst Assault Rifle (Battle Royale)

Rare, Epic Legendary Assault Rifle (Battle Royale)

Rare, Epic, Legendary Tactical Submachine Gun

Mythic Groot's Bramble Shield

Mythic Silver Surfer's Surfboard

Mythic Thor's Mjolnir Strike

Mythic Storm's Tornado Launch

Mythic Black Panther’s Kinetic Armor