Signing Back In (loading screen)

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Signing Back In
The motel staff promised us a quiet stay without disturbance. Zero stars.
Rarity Uncommon
Type Loading Screen
Source Battle Pass Season 5

Signing Back In is a Loading Screen cosmetic item in Battle Royale that can be obtained as a reward for completing seven sets of Weekly Challenges in Battle Pass Season 5.

Hidden Battle Pass Tier[edit | edit source]

In the image, a Battle star icon.png Battle Star can be seen atop the brick wall separating the parking lot and the pool at the north end of the Motel. Once the Signing Back In loading screen is unlocked, a Battle star icon.png Battle Star will appear in-game in this same location. Interacting with this Battle star icon.png Battle Star icon will award the player with one Free battle pass tiers icon.png Free Battle Pass tier.

Gallery[edit | edit source]