Showtime Challenges

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Showtime Challenges were a set of challenges exclusive to Battle Royale. It consists of three challenges that reward the player with Marshmello-themed cosmetics. The challenges were available for 4 days (January 30th-February 2nd), when the challenges were concluded by a Marshmello performance at Pleasant Park. The concert was held on February 2nd, 2019 at 11AM PST and the encore was also held on the same day at 11PM PST.

Challenges and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Challenge Reward
Mello Made It RightSpray.png
Complete all challenges [0/3] T-Banners-Icons-Festivus-L.png

Showtime Banner

Search a Showtime poster [0/1] Mello Made It RightSpray.png

Mello Made It Right

Visit showtime venue [0/1] KeepItMelloEmoteIcon.png

Keep it Mello Emote

Use Keep it Mello at a Trucker's Oasis, Ice cream parlour and Frozen lake [0/3] MarahySmasherPickaxe.png

Marshy Smasher Harvesting Tool