Shield Fish

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Shield Fish
Category Battle Royale Items
Introduced Patch 14.00

Shield Fish is a fish/healing item in Battle Royale, found in Rare rarity. It's found in Fishing Spots. When consumed, gives the player 50 shield.

The minimum size you can fish up is 35 cm and the maximum is 70 cm.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Shield Fish
Time to Use 1 Sec
Total Restoration 50 Shield
Max. Stack 3
Gives 50 shield.

Fish Collection[edit | edit source]

Name Image Location
04 Black & Blue Shield Fish Black&BlueShieldFish.png Anywhere
05 Black Striped Shield Fish BlackStripedShieldFish.png Coastal Areas

Sweaty Sands, Beaches

06 Green Shield Fish GreenShieldFish.png Forest Areas
07 Pink Shield Fish PinkShieldFish.png Anywhere

Requires Pro Fishing Rod.

Weeping Woods

08 Light Blue Shield Fish ShieldFish.png Anywhere