Shells 'n' Slugs

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Shells 'n' Slugs
Ammo for weapons that use all types of shells, such as buckshot or slugs. You can carry up to 1200 shells 'n' slugs.
Rarity Uncommon
Capacity 1200
10x Wood icon.png
4x Metal icon.png
2x Nuts 'n' bolts icon.png
12x Shells 'n' slugs icon.png

Shells 'n' Slugs (Shells in Battle Royale) are types of ammunition used in Shotguns. These are most effective at a close, nearly melee range and can hit multiple targets in a single shot. These typically have low to moderate fire rate, high damage per shot, and very low range.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ammo for weapons that use all types of shells, such as buckshot, birdshot, or slugs. The only weapon that is not a Shotgun that uses Shells 'n' Slugs is the Boom Bow. Based on a 12-gauge round filled with #00 buckshot for shotguns.

Battle Royale[edit | edit source]

Shells 'n' Slugs (or Shells) are found in stacks of 4 or 8 (previously 5 or 10) in their corresponding loot type and are used in the following weapons:

Vaulted Weapons:


Max. Stack 999
Old Shells 'n' Slugs icon, before Patch 7.20
Shells as they appear in-game