Shadowshard Crystal

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Shadowshard Crystal
Shadowshard crystal icon.png
Crafting ingredients. Used to make many quality weapons. Occasionally found in caves and mountains. Common in Twine Peaks and rare in high-end Canny Valley.
Type Ingredient
Subtype Crystal
Tier Rarity star icon.pngRarity star icon.pngRarity star icon.pngRarity star icon.png
Source Looting, Tasks, Expeditions

Shadowshard Crystal is an Epic crafting material, used to make all Star Level 4 weapons. They can be commonly found in caves in Twine Peaks and rarely appear in caves in Canny Valley. They can also appear in both Twine Peaks and Canny Valley Storm Chests and randomly appear as mission rewards. After you evolve your gun into Shadowshard and complete Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defence 4 you will be able to make a Sunbeam gun.

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