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Sentinel epic portrait.png
Sentinel legendary portrait.png
Sentinel rare portrait.png
Uses DECOY to group enemies together, and plasma pulse to melt those groups down.
Class Constructor
Rarities Epic, Legendary, Rare
Characters Hype
Sources Llamas

Sentinel is a Constructor Hero subclass available in Save the World.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Creative engineering icon.png
Creative Engineering
Increases build speed by 10%. Reduces building cost by 10%.
Decoy icon.png
Deploys a DECOY which will distract all enemies within a 1.5 tile radius for 7 seconds.
B.a.s.e. icon.png
The BASE alters the matter of connected building pieces. Affected walls will deal a base of 12 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee. Attached structures gain 12% damage resistance. Extends 3 segments from placement.
You're coming with me icon.png
You're Coming With Me
Increases DECOY enemy attract radius by 1.5 tiles.
Grease the wheels icon.png
Grease the Wheels
Reduce the cooldown of DECOY by 10 seconds.
Plasma pulse icon.png
Plasma Pulse
Deploys a device which emits exploding Plasma Pulses every 0.125 seconds for 6 seconds. Deals a base of 18 plasma energy damage.
One hot minute icon.png
One Hot Minute
Reduces the cooldown of Plasma Pulse by 20 seconds.
Going and going icon.png
Going and Going
DECOY lasts 2 seconds longer.
Power pulse icon.png
Power Pulse
Increases damage of Plasma Pulse by 20%.

Kinetic overload icon.png
Kinetic Overload
Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 140 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target.
Get ready for a surprise! icon.png
Get Ready For a Surprise!
DECOY explodes when it is destroyed or expires.
Plasma overdrive icon.png
Plasma Overdrive
Increases the rate of Plasma Pulse's explosions by 33%.

Squad Bonuses

Support bonus icon.png
Hotfix icon.png
Increases building repair rate by 10%/15%/20%.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 4.0 (May 1, 2018)
  • ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ Has been removed from these Subclasses: Controller, Sentinel, and Riot Control.
    • Controller now has ‘Decoy Stun’ Instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.
    • Sentinel now has ‘Grease the Wheels’ instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.
    • Riot Control now has ‘Going and Going’ instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.