Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

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Disambig.png This article is about the Battle Royale sniper rifle. For the Save The World semi-automatic sniper subtype, see Standard Sniper.
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Automatic sniper icon.png
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Patch 1.6
Last Adjustment Patch 7.20
Vaulted Patch 6.21

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is a Sniper Rifle in Battle Royale. It is available in Uncommon and Rare variants. It uses Heavy Bullets. The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle was Vaulted in Patch 6.21, therefore making it currently only available in the Playground Mode, Creative and the One Shot LTM.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Automatic sniper icon.png
Bullet Type Heavy bullets icon.png
DPS 90
Damage 75
Fire Rate 1.2
Magazine Size 10
Reload Time 2.5
Structure Damage 75
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Automatic sniper icon.png
Bullet Type Heavy bullets icon.png
DPS 93.6
Damage 78
Fire Rate 1.2
Magazine Size 10
Reload Time 2.3
Structure Damage 78

Availability[edit | edit source]

  • Patch 1.6 - Released
  • Patch 6.21 - Vaulted
  • Patch 7.10 - Rereleased (for One Shot LTM)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Although the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is not as powerful as the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle or the Hunting Rifle, its greater magazine capacity of 10 rounds makes it an excellent weapon to suppress the enemy at long distances, and you have a chance to hit them again after missing a shot, but the enemy would have most likely detected you and started defending themselves.
  • Headshots provide great damage, but still lacked power against targets with full health and shields.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ironically, Battle Royale's Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle uses the same model as Save the World's Automatic Sniper Rifle.
  • The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle might not look like it, but it bears most resemblance to the P2777, but it may also be a version of the VSS.
  • Before Patch 5.40, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle was available in Epic and Legendary variants, although it was less powerful than a Rare Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle and the Epic and Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle. After Patch 5.40, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle now comes in Uncommon and Rare rarity's to match the damages.

Changes[edit | edit source]

6.21 Patch Notes (November 1, 2018, November 1, 2018 )
Weapons + Items
  • Vaulted
  • Semi-Auto Sniper
  • These items will remain available in Playground Mode.

6.02 Patch Notes (October 10, 2018 )
Weapons + Items
  • Loot drop rate adjustments
  • Decreased Rare Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle drop chance from 0.92% to 0.71%
  • Note: The overall number of Explosive Weapons and Snipers in a given game has not changed, however, there is a greater distribution of rarity and variants.

5.40 Patch Notes (September 6, 2018 )
Weapon + Items
  • Rarity color adjustments (NOTE: The original percentages for drops were incorrect. We have since updated the percentages to clarify the exact change to the weapons).
  • Some items have been removed or modified to better reflect their effectiveness. This only affects their colors and other characteristics are unchanged.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper rifle decreased from Epic and Legendary to Uncommon and Rare.
  • Increased the frequency that the Semi-Auto sniper rifles drop to align more with their rarity class.
  • Increased Uncommon Semi-Auto sniper drop chance from 1.22% to 2.06%
  • Increased Rare Semi-Auto sniper drop chance from 0.13% to 0.96%

7.20 Patch Notes (January 21,2019)

Weapon + Items
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun, Remote Explosives, Smoke Grenade, Light Machine Gun, Sneaky Snowman, Revolver and Semi-Auto Sniper added to Creative mode.