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Season 10/X of Battle Royale ran from August 1st to October 13th, 2019. The theme of the season was "Out of Time" and was revealed with the story trailer. The orb at Loot Lake exploded, slowly disorienting the time stream of the island, bringing older locations. This was the last season of Chapter 1.

The season featured major changes to the map, such as a giant "frozen" meteor, the return of Dusty Depot and the Factories, giant mech suits and much more.

Teasers and Hints

Starting from July 28th, Epic Games started releasing a teaser every day until the season starts - with the first one being revealed during the World Cup 2019. The first teaser showed a picture of Dusty Depot, the second showed a picture of the B.R.U.T.E mech suit,the third showed two battle pass skins and the fourth was a sneak peak of the trailer.

Teaser 1, "Think Back".
Teaser 2, "Look Forward."
Teaser 3, "Twist Time."

Battle Pass

Main article: Battle Pass Season X

The Battle Pass for Season X is a way to earn exclusive in-game rewards by playing Battle Royale during Season x and is available for purchase from the Item Shop for 950 V-Bucks. These rewards include: Outfits, Gliders, Wraps, Harvesting Tools, Pets, Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, Toys, Contrails, Music, Loading Screens and more.

All in-game items that can be unlocked stay and do not expire. Free Pass rewards are available to all players and purchase is not necessary while Battle Pass rewards are only available to players that purchased the Battle Pass with V-Bucks. A bundle that includes automatic completion of the first 25 Tiers was also offered for 2800 V-Bucks and can be purchased anytime during the season.

In Season X, the ability to gift friends Battle Passes was also introduced. This feature is exclusively available until August 15th, and the first gift you buy will also have a unique gift box for you to use.


Missions are a new battle pass feature; they are series of thematic objectives that grant rewards. As you complete these objectives, you'll earn Battle Stars, XP, and exclusive cosmetic items. More information about Missions can be found in the Battle Pass and Challenges tabs.


Various thematic sets including Cosmetic Skins, Harvesting Tools, Emotes and Gliders were also released on Season 10 as part of the item shop compoments on daily rotation basis and Battle Pass rewards. Loading Screens are granted from completing Battle Pass Challenges.

Starting from Patch 10.30 of Season 10, players will every now and again be able to vote for which item they would like to come back to the shop. The item with the most votes will reappear in the shop the following day:

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
Fortnite-snuggs-skin-icon.png Snuggs Rare Outfit 2019-10-18
Fortnite-moxie-skin-icon.png Moxie Rare Outfit 2019-10-18
Fortnite-outcast-skin-icon.png Outcast Rare Outfit 2019-10-15
Icn.png Zero Legendary Outfit 2019-10-15
80px The Paradigm Rare Outfit 2019-10-11
Fortnite-starlie-skin-icon.png Starlie Rare Outfit 2019-10-09
Fortnite-street-stalker-skin-icon.png Street Striker Rare Outfit 2019-10-08
SeasonX.jpg Season X Uncommon Loading Screen 2019-10-08
Fortnite-toxic-tagger-skin-icon.png Toxic Tagger Rare Outfit 2019-10-07
Fortnite-ruby-skin-icon.png Ruby Rare Outfit 2019-10-05
Fortnite-manic-skin-icon.png Manic Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-04
Fortnite-slingshot-skin-icon.png Slingshot Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-02
Fortnite-deadfall-skin-icon.png Deadfall Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-01
Fortnite-knockout-skin-icon.png Knockout Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-01
Fortnite-snakepit-skin-icon.png Snakepit Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-01
Fortnite-vice-skin-icon.png Vice Uncommon Outfit 2019-10-01
Fortnite-red-jade-skin-icon.png Red Jade Uncommon Outfit 2019-09-30
Fortnite-stoneheart-skin-icon.png Stoneheart Epic Outfit 2019-09-28
80px P-1000 Epic Outfit 2019-09-27
Ico (9).png Danger Zone Rare Outfit 2019-09-26
Icon1).png Hot Zone Rare Outfit 2019-09-26
Fortnite-sureshot-skin-icon.png Sureshot Uncommon Outfit 2019-09-25
Fortnite-slumber-skin-icon.png Slumber Epic Outfit 2019-09-24
Best Buds-(BunkerJam).png Best Buds Rare Music 2019-09-24
PJ Pepperoni.png PJ Pepperoni Rare Outfit 2019-09-22
226512130 large.png Pair-Peronni Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-09-22
Catwing DC Glider 2019-09-21
80px Batwing DC Glider 2019-09-21
80px Caped Crusader DC Music 2019-09-21
80px Cat's Claws DC Harvesting Tool 2019-09-21
Fortnite-hotwire-skin-icon.png Hotwire Epic Outfit 2019-09-19
Fortnite-payback-skin-icon.png Payback Rare Outfit 2019-09-18
Sizzle Sgt..png Sizzle Sgt. Uncommon Outfit 2019-09-16
The Scientist.png The Scientist Legendary Outfit 2019-09-14
80px Star Surge Legendary Back Bling 2019-09-14
Fortnite-swamp-stalker-skin-icon.png Swamp Stalker Uncommon Outfit 2019-09-12
Ico (4).png Forever Tuesday Rare Wrap 2019-09-11
Dark Jonesy.png Dark Jonesy Dark Outfit 2019-09-11
Dark Red Knight.png Dark Red Knight Dark Outfit 2019-09-11
Dark Wild Card.png Dark Wild Card Dark Outfit 2019-09-11
Dark Shield.png Dark Shield Dark Back Bling 2019-09-11
Wild Cube.png Wild Cube Dark Back Bling 2019-09-11
Dark Axe.png Dark Axe Dark Harvesting Tool 2019-09-11
Icons.png Aeronaut Rare Outfit 2019-09-10
Icon().png Astro Assassin Epic Outfit 2019-09-09
Ico.png Hard Charger Uncommon Outfit 2019-09-07
Fortnite-featured-sledge-icon.png Sledge Rare Outfit 2019-09-04
Fortnite-vulture-skin-icon (1).png Vulture Epic Outfit 2019-08-31
Icon(2).png Catastrophe Rare Outfit 2019-08-31
Fortnite-skin-fennix-icon.png Fennix Rare Outfit 2019-08-25
1F7812047 large.png Skikeclone Uncommon Outfit 2019-08-25
Icon (21).png Power Punch Epic Harvesting Tool 2019-08-25
Icon (37).png Starfield Epic Back Bling 2019-08-24
Icon (38).png Star Strike Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-24
Icon (36).png Infinity Epic Outfit 2019-08-24
Icon (34).png Freestyle Epic Outfit 2019-08-23
Icon (35).png Backbeat Epic Back Bling 2019-08-23
Major Lazer - Outfit - Fortnite.png Major Lazer Icon Series Outfit 2019-08-22
960x0 (1).png Lazer Wings Epic Outfit 2019-08-22
Icon (29).png Lazer Flex Uncommon Emote 2019-08-22
804612031 large.png Lazer Axe Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-22
Icon (30).png Lazer Blast Rare Emote 2019-08-22
CorruptedLockerIcon-512x512.png Corrupted Rare Wrap 2019-08-21
Icon (28).png Corrupted Voyager Epic Outfit 2019-08-21
Fortnite-shot-caller-skin-icon.png Shot Caller Rare Outfit 2019-08-19
1435.png Utility Pack Rare Outfit 2019-08-19
Icon (16).png Metro Machetes Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-19
Icon (44).png Exo-Spine Legendary Back Bling 2019-08-17
Icon (43).png Oppressor Legendary Outfit 2019-08-17
Icon (8).png Recon Ranger Uncommon Oufit 2019-08-16
Icon 1).png Catalyst Uncommon Spray 2019-08-15
Icon (25).png Gutbomb Epic Outfit 2019-08-15
Icon (26).png Takeout Epic Back Bling 2019-08-15
Icon (27).png Tomcom Epic Back Bling 2019-08-15
Fortnite-hothouse-skin-icon.png Hothouse Epic Outfit 2019-08-15
Rare-rusty-roller-mobile-img-pickaxe-9pnplhx.png Rusty Roller Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-15
Rare-grillcount-mobile-img-pickaxe-nrufcjz.png Grillcount Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-15
Icon (32).png Team Tomato Uncommon Emote 2019-08-15
Icon (31).png Team Burger Uncommon Emote 2019-08-15
090112002 large.png Red Streak Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-08-14
5AD112001 large.png Grit Uncommon Outfit 2019-08-14
Icon (11).png Tri-Pack Rare Back Bling 2019-08-12
Icon (10).png Bravo Leader Rare Outfit 2019-08-12
Bubbly Bombs.png Bubbly Bombs Uncommon Wrap 2019-08-11
Icon (12).png Bubble Bomber Rare Outfit 2019-08-10
Icon (13).png Bubble Blast Rare Back Bling 2019-08-10
Bubble Popper.png Bubble Popper Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-10
New Bone Wasp.png Bone Wasp Epic Outfit 2019-08-08
Icon (14).png Geoed Rare Back Bling 2019-08-08
493A11986 large.png Facet Rare Outfit 2019-08-08
Icon (23).png Horned Strike Rare Glider 2019-08-08
Icon (24).png Primal Sting Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-08-08
Emote7.png Where is Matt? Rare Emote 2019-08-07
FractalZero.png Fractal Zero Rare Wrap 2019-08-06
LonghornPickaxe.png Longhorn Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-08-05
RioGrande.png Rio Grande Rare Outfit 2019-08-05
FrontierSkin.png Frontier Rare Outfit 2019-08-05
EmoticalWrap.png Emotical Uncommon Wrap 2019-08-04
Vibin'Emote.png Vibin' Rare Emote 2019-08-04
Bronto.png Bronto Rare Outfit 2019-08-03
CrystalSkin.png Crystal Uncommon Outfit 2019-08-03
MeteorWrap.png Meteor Rare Wrap 2019-08-02
RiftRock.png Rift Rock Rare Back Bling 2019-08-02
RoboWrecker.png Robot Wrecker Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-08-01
BruteGunnerSkin.png B.R.U.T.E Gunner Uncommon Outfit 2019-08-01
BruteNavigatorSkin.png B.R.U.T.E Navigator Uncommon Outfit 2019-08-01
Chaos.png Chaos Uncommon Glider 2019-07-31
AnarchyAgent.png Anarchy Agent Uncommon Outfit 2019-07-31

Weapon and Item Releases

10.00 Patch Notes (August 1st)

Main article: 10.00 Patch Notes


  • This vehicle can be operated by up to two players. If two players are operating it, one (the driver) controls movement, while the other (the gunner) rains down missiles and shotgun shots.
  • The driver is able to:
    • Dash into combat.
    • Super Jump to victory.
    • Stomp enemies and structures into the ground.
      • Anything you would normally harvest will grant materials when destroyed.
  • The passenger has two weapons at their disposal: a shotgun and a missile launcher.
    • Shotgun
      • Clip Size: 10
      • Damage: 50
      • Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x
    • Missile Launcher
      • Fires up to 10 missiles at once.
      • Holding down Trigger will begin loading missiles.
      • After releasing Trigger, or after 10 missiles have been loaded, all missiles will automatically fire.
  • New Mechanic: Overshield
    • Consumes 200 of any Material type to create a personal overshield for 5 seconds to protect you in the mech.

Vaulted Items

10.00 Content Update (August 6th)

Main article: 10.00 Content Update

Automatic Sniper Rifle

  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Projectiles travel faster than other Sniper Rifles.
  • Damage: 31/33/35
  • Headshot: 62/66/70
  • 4 Rounds per second.
  • 16 Rounds per magazine.
  • Uses a reduced zoom scope.
  • Can be found from Floor, Chest, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.

Unvaulted weapons that only spawn in Tilted Town:

10.10 Patch Notes (August 14th)

Main article: 10.10 Patch Notes

Unvaulted only in the Sword Fight Squads and Duos LTMs:


10.10 Content Update (August 20th)

Main article: 10.10 Content Update

Junk Rift

  • A throwable item that breaks on contact and spawns a large object in the sky that plummets to the ground.
    • The plummeting object:
      • Damages players and destroys everything in its path.
      • Creates a small shockwave upon landing that damages players and destroys everything in its radius.
    • Damage:
      • Direct hit: 200
        • Direct hits slightly knock players back.
      • Shockwave hit: 100
        • Both hits immediately destroy vehicles and destructible objects on impact.
  • Drops in stacks of 2.
  • Max stack size: 4
  • Epic Rarity.

Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Llamas.


  • Glitched Consumables are at the explosion site. These randomly switch between different forageable items from the past.
    • Apples
      • Grant 5 Health.
    • Mushrooms
      • Grant 5 Shield.
    • Coconuts
      • Grant 5 Effective Health (sum of a player’s Health + Shield).
    • Peppers
      • Increases player movement speed for a short duration.
    • Hop Rocks
      • Decreases player gravity for a short duration.
    • Shadow Stone
      • Turns players into a ghost for a short time, temporarily increasing their movement speed slightly and letting them dash through structures.

10.20 Patch Notes (August 27th)

Main article: 10.20 Patch Notes

Shield Bubble

  • Rare item.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Creates a large bubble that blocks projectiles and explosives. However, players can still run through it.
    • Projectiles and explosives can be fired from inside the bubble but cannot go outside of it.
    • The bubble’s emitter has 400 HP. Destroying it deactivates the bubble.

Vaulted Items

10.20 Content Update (September 3rd)

Main article: 10.20 Content Update

Zapper Trap

  • This item is a thrown consumable and occupies an inventory slot.
  • On impact, the thrown object deploys a damaging trap on both sides of a building piece.
  • Upon impacting terrain, it automatically builds a wall and then deploys a damaging trap on both sides of the wall.
    • The traps shock enemy players who are within a tile of their face.
      • Damage: 50
    • The traps have a 1-second deploy time before they can be triggered.
    • When triggered, the traps have a 0.5-second delay before firing.
    • After the traps have fired, they have a cooldown of 2 seconds before they can be triggered again.
  • Epic Rarity.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Llamas.
  • Drops in stacks of 2.
  • Max stack size: 4.

10.20.2 Hotfix Update (September 4th)

Vaulted Items

Unvaulted Items

10.30 Patch Notes (September 11th)

Main article: 10.30 Patch Notes

10.31 Patch Notes (September 18th)

Main article: 10.31 Patch Notes

Batman Grapnel Gun

  • Available in Mythic variant.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Llamas.
  • The Batman Grapnel Gun comes with 10 charges. A charge is consumed each time the player is launched.
  • When the grappling hook from the Batman Grapnel Gun impacts something in the environment, the owner will be launched in a flat arc towards the point of impact.
  • At the apex of the launch, the player will deploy the Bat Cape, which can be used like any other Glider to traverse great distances.

Explosive Batarang

  • Available in Mythic variant.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Llamas.
  • Drops in stacks of 5.
  • Max stack size is 10.
  • This consumable item is thrown out in a relatively flat arc. It will home in towards opponents.
  • The projectile explodes when in close proximity to an opponent.
    • Explosion damage:
      • 50 damage to players.
      • 200 damage to the environment.
  • If the Explosive Batarang impacts the environment, it will stick to the spot where it lands. At that point, it behaves as a proximity mine, exploding when opponents come too close to it.
  • An Explosive Batarang that has impacted the environment can be disarmed and picked up by both the player who threw it or their allies.

10.40 Patch Notes (September 25th)

Main article: 10.40 Patch Notes

10.40.1 Patch Notes (October 2nd)

Main article: 10.40.1 Patch Notes

Map Changes

The new map.
Dusty Depot, back with its former glory.

Map v10.00 (August 1st)

  • Dusty Depot and the Factory POI have returned, replacing Dusty Divot.
  • A new Frozen Meteor POI has been added south of Dusty Depot, in the sky.
  • Some of the ground and trees surrounding the Skeletal Remains have turned a pink color.
  • The Zero Point orb at Loot Lake exploded, and a antigravity zone has been created at the center of the lake. Strange noises can be heard when inside it, and there are floating objects everywhere.
    • The power cable is now inactive, and shows a very dark red and black pattern that moves slowly.
  • The Block has been changed into a tropical resort area.
  • All of the Sky Platforms, wind turbines, propaganda posters and blimps in the sky have been removed.
  • The stone family have disappeared again.
  • Most of the Slipstreams have been removed, apart from the ones surrounding Neo Tilted and Mega Mall.
  • The shack that was destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has more stairs and work done on the walls and roofs.
  • Some more grass has grown in Paradise Palms.
  • A building south of Paradise Palms has been added, containing some strange tree roots. The tree roots may hint Moisty Mire's return.
  • The red house at the Pueblo that used to be filled with chairs is now filled with TVs instead.
  • One of the mini little castles south from Polar Peak now has a couple of toilets and pipes on it, these are the same ones from Flush Factory.
  • A mini movie screen and a "Drive-In Theatre" sign has appeared east of Sunny Steps, hinting Risky Reels' Return.
  • All of the volcano vents have stopped working.
  • A golf club house has appeared near Lazy Lagoon, hinting at the return of Lazy Links.
  • The metal spaceship at the Outskirts has turned back into the wooden chair from pre-Season 7.
  • The battle bus that crashed north of Loot Lake during Fortnitemares has disappeared.
  • One of the arms of the car and truck mech east of RV Park has fallen off, and it is holding a pole and raising it in the air. It seems to reenacting the Mecha from The Final Showdown Event.
  • A shack with a giant teddy bear has been added west of Paradise Palms.
  • A bit of snow has melted at the Viking Outpost.
  • A garage with gnomes on top of and inside the building has been added on a hill west of Pleasant Park.
  • The half of a tower just south of Lucky Landing has turned into a wooden shack.
  • The stuff inside a shack south-west of Pleasant Park has gone upside down.
  • August 2nd: A telescope has appeared on top of the northern warehouse at Dusty Depot and it is facing towards the Frozen Meteor.
  • August 4th: A small laboratory and chalkboard has been added inside the grey warehouse of Dusty Depot.
  • A rift beacon is being built in Neo Tilted, and is facing towards Loot Lake.
  • August 5th: The rift beacon at Neo Tilted has been completed and is turned on. It seems to be gathering energy from Loot Lake.
  • The rift beacon at Neo Tilted has opened a small rift in the sky above the POI.
  • August 6th: The rift beacon has created a large bubble around Neo Tilted, turning it into a new POI called Tilted Town. Building and destroying objects is not allowed in Tilted Town.
    • The slipstream around the area has been removed, leaving the one around Mega Mall the only one left.
  • The Block has been changed into a futuristic town surrounded by a giant dome and desert.
  • The exterior of the grey warehouse at Dusty Depot, as well as the interior has been updated.
  • August 8th: Another satellite was added on the Dusty Depot grey warehouse, and the inside has been updated with a second floor and more computers.
  • August 11th: A rift beacon is being constructed at Mega Mall.
  • August 12th: The rift beacon at Mega Mall has been activated, and a small rift has been opened in the sky above the POI.

Map v10.10 (August 14th)

  • The rift beacon at Mega Mall has created a large bubble around the POI, turning it into pre-Season 7 Retail Row that is now infested by CUBE monsters from Fortnitemares.
  • The Block has been changed into a farm next to a government mineshaft area.
  • A wrecked building with floating chests in it has appeared inside Loot Lake. The interior looks like one of the government labs from Season 8.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been updated again, and more work has been done inside. A few monitors with Visitor symbols have also been added.
  • Two memorial stones for the CUBE have appeared on the map. One is on the desert mountain where it was formed, and the other is at Loot Lake.
  • A trophy has appeared at Lucky Landing that has the name of Bugha, the Solo World Cup Winner on it.
  • A trophy has appeared at Happy Hamlet that has the name of the World Cup Duos winners on it.
  • Even more grass has grown in the desert, and the area south of Paradise Palms is now a darker colour.
  • August 15th: A rift beacon is being constructed at the Stadium.
  • Even more snow, especially around Happy Hamlet, begins to melt.
  • August 19th: The rift beacon at the Stadium has been activated and has created a small rift above the POI.
  • August 20th: The rift beacon at the Stadium has exploded, causing the rift above it to disappear and destroying the POI. A small Crater with some remains of the Stadium has been left behind.
  • Grass continues to grow in the desert biome and the process begins to accelerate.
  • The Block has been changed into a giant metal factory related building surrounded by lava.
  • August 22nd: A rift beacon is being constructed in the desert, southwest of Paradise Palms.
  • August 26th: The rift beacon in the desert has been activated and has opened a small rift above it.

Map v10.20 (August 27th)

  • The rift beacon in the desert has created a massive bubble which surrounds a large portion of the desert. A new Pandora POI was added and replaced the Pueblo and Trucker's Oasis.
  • The Block has been changed into a giant clockwork castle area with many machines and blimps.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been updated yet again. Pieces from the B.R.U.T.E mech as well as some other things can be found inside.
  • A dance floor and disco lights were added into the westmostern hangar of Frosty Flights.
  • The surface and inside of the Frozen Meteor has started to gain small cracks.
  • The shack that was destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has a roof installed and more work has been done on the exterior.
  • The house west of Fatal Fields now has Carbide and Omega posters.
  • A statue was added to Haunted Hills.
  • Even more snow, especially among the edge of the biome, continues to melt.
  • Grass continues to grow in the desert.
  • Ladders to the top of hills have been added in Tilted Town.
  • August 29th: A rift beacon is being constructed at Fatal Fields.
  • September 2nd: The rift beacon at Fatal Fields has been activated and has opened a small rift above the POI.
  • September 3rd: The Floating Island from Season 6 has reappeared just northwest of Fatal Fields. Additionally, the Motel, noms sign and Durrr Burger head near Pleasant Park have appeared on the island.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been slightly updated again, the B.R.U.T.E pieces has been disassembled and some trucks appeared outside it.
  • The Block has been changed into a tropical hotel.
  • Red balloons have appeared across the map near sewers. When popped, a creepy laugh can be heard from the sewer.
  • September 5th: Under construction rift beacons have appeared at Paradise Palms and the frozen Greasy Grove.
  • The Floating Island has moved to above the Outskirts POI.
  • September 6th: The Floating Island has moved to just northwest of Happy Hamlet.
  • A tile near a sewer at Pleasant Park has moved, and seems to be opening.
  • September 7th: The Floating Island has moved south of Frosty Flights.
  • September 9th: The rift beacons at Paradise Palms and the frozen Greasy Grove have been activated, and small rifts have opened above the two POIs.
  • The Floating Island has moved right above Frosty Flights.
  • September 10th: The Floating Island has moved northeast of Frosty Flights and southwest of the frozen lake.

Map v10.30 (September 11th)

Map v10.31 (September 18th)

Map v10.40 (September 25th)

  • The rift beacon near the Depot Race Track has created a large bubble around the area, bringing back the Castle Ruins. However, the castle ruins have been constructed into a new POI known as Starry Suburbs.
  • The Depot Race Track starting lights have tilted forward, now saying "Coming Soon".
  • The Block has been changed into a dinosaur desert area.
  • The Floating Island has moved just outside of Pressure Plant.
  • A shack is being constructed at the Destroyed Stadium.
  • The shack near Fatal Fields has been completed, and painted brown. It appears to be a watchtower.
  • The grey warehouse in Dusty Depot has been updated once again. All of the monitors seem to have infected B.R.U.T.Es on them, and laser pointers were added to the rocket.
  • September 27th: The Floating Island has moved east of Pressure Plant.
  • September 28th: Wires were added to the rocket at Dusty Depot.
  • The Floating Island has moved to Lonely Lodge.
  • September 29th: The Floating Island has moved south from Lonely Lodge.
  • September 30th: The Floating Island has moved south over the Race Track.
  • October 1st: The Floating Island has moved south slightly into Moisty Palms.
  • October 2nd: The Floating Island has moved east of Moisty Palms.
  • October 4th: The Floating Island has moved south of Moisty Palms.
  • October 5th: An eight-day countdown has appeared above the rocket at Dusty Depot and on TVs across the map.
  • The Zero Point at Loot Lake has started making strange, clock-like ticking noises.
  • October 8th: The Floating Island has moved west of the Pueblo.
  • October 10th: Rocket sirens are going off at Dusty Depot.
  • October 12th: The Floating Island has moved south of Fatal Fields.
  • October 13th: The Floating Island has moved to the southwest of Fatal Fields. It has nearly reached it's starting point.
  • The countdown expired, the rocket launched into the air and boosted, creating a rift. Eventually, the rifts above the rift zones created multiple rockets which flew around and made multiple rifts. These rockets then went to the Meteor and created a huge rift that sucked in the meteor. Then, the giant rift appeared above Loot Lake and caused the rockets and meteor to fly into the zero point, ultimately creating a giant explosion that blew players away and created a black hole which sucked everything in... ending the season. The main lobby also was sucked in.


After the black hole caused by the malfunctioning Zero Point, there was only a live video of it. Every so often it would display a series of numbers which corresponds to a word stated by the Visitor, which also creates another piece of dialogue. 11 146 15 62 "I was not alone." 87 14 106 2 150 "Others were outside the loop." 69 146 15 36 " This was not calculated." 2 176 8 160 65. "The nothing is now inevitable," and 176 11 146 15 62 "Moment I was not alone."