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Season 9 of Battle Royale began on May 9th, 2019. The theme of the season is related around the future, adding many new futuristic areas such as Neo Tilted and the Pressure Plant, while robots created many other things.

The season features many major changes to the map, including revamps of Retail Row and Tilted Towers, slipstreams, sky platforms and much more.

Teasers and Hints[edit | edit source]

Starting from May 6th, Epic Games started releasing a teaser everyday until the season starts. The teasers showed off skins from the Battle Pass. Each one also had a futuristic season hint and a letter. Putting the letters from each teaser spells out NEO, a hint about the future and neo tilted

Teaser 1, "The Future is Unknown".
Teaser 2, "The Future is Bright"
Teaser 3, "The Future is Tilted"

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

Main article: Battle Pass Season 9

The Battle Pass for Season 9 is a way to earn exclusive in-game rewards by playing Battle Royale during Season 9 and is available for purchase from the Item Shop for 950 V-Bucks. These rewards include: Outfits, Gliders, Wraps, Harvesting Tools, Pets, Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, Toys, Contrails, Music, Loading Screens and more.

All in-game items that can be unlocked stay and do not expire. Free Pass rewards are available to all players and purchase is not necessary while Battle Pass rewards are only available to players that purchased the Battle Pass with V-Bucks. A bundle that includes automatic completion of the first 25 Tiers was also offered for 2800 V-Bucks and can be purchased anytime during the season.

14 Days Of Summer[edit | edit source]

Main article: 14 Days of Summer

The 14 Days of Summer event is a Summer themed event that will run from June 25th to July 15th, 2019. Every day a new challenge and LTM would be available - completing that challenge will grant you a free cosmetic item. Additionally, new items will roll out in the Item Shop and a vaulted weapon will be temporarily unvaulted everyday.

  • Daily Rewards:
    • Deep End Emote

Fortbytes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fortbytes

Fortbytes are collectible items that can be retrieved either around the map or by completing certain tasks. The design is similar to that of a microchip to match with the futuristic theme of the season.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Various thematic sets including Cosmetic Skins, Harvesting Tools, Emotes and Gliders were also released on Season 9 as part of the item shop components on daily rotation basis and Battle Pass rewards. Loading Screens are granted from completing Battle Pass Challenges.

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
80px Oozie Epic Back Bling 2019-06-24
80px Driftstream Rare Glider 2019-06-24
80px Kitsune Rare Wrap 2019-06-24
80px Dual Edge Epic Harvesting Tool 2019-06-24
80px Summer Drift Epic Outfit 2019-06-24
80px Saxy Groove Rare Music 2019-06-23
80px Crop Duster Rare Glider 2019-06-23
80px Biz Rare Outfit 2019-06-22
80px Glow Jet Rare Back Bling 2019-06-22
80px Bizzy Uncommon Wrap 2019-06-22
80px Splintered Light Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-06-20
80px Vivid Axe Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-06-20
80px Core Rare Wrap 2019-06-20
80px Essence Rare Wrap 2019-06-20
80px Megabat Rare Glider 2019-06-20
80px Nitebeam Epic Outfit 2019-06-20
80px Flare Epic Outfit 2019-06-20
80px Talons Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-06-19
80px Foul Play Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-06-18
80px Batso Rare Glider 2019-06-18
80px Asmodeus Rare Outfit 2019-06-18
80px Callisto Rare Outfit 2019-06-18
80px Hexxed Rare Back Bling 2019-06-18
80px Ocular Rare Back Bling 2019-06-18
80px Slurp! Epic Wrap 2019-06-17
80px Synapse Epic Outfit 2019-06-16
80px Holo-Pack Epic Back Bling 2019-06-16
80px Hex Wave Rare Wrap 2019-06-16
80px Lumi Core Epic Back Bling 2019-06-16
80px Fork Knife Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-06-15
80px Sandstorm Rare Outfit 2019-06-14
80px Scimitar Rare Outfit 2019-06-14
80px Chrono Rare Contrail 2019-06-14
80px Emblem Rare Wrap 2019-06-14
Fiend (wrap).png Fiend Rare Wrap 2019-06-13
Never Surrender (loading screen).png Never Surrender Uncommon Loading Screen 2019-06-13
80px Ripple Rare Wrap 2019-06-10
80px Relay Uncommon Outfit 2019-06-08
80px Desert Dominator Uncommon Outfit 2019-06-08
80px Bolt Uncommon Outfit 2019-06-06
80px Tempest Legendary Outfit 2019-06-06
80px Lightning Cloak Legendary Back Bling 2019-06-06
80px Storm Bolt Epic Harvesting Tool 2019-06-06
80px Storm Eye Glider Harvesting Tool 2019-06-06
WildeIcon.png Wilde Epic Outfit 2019-06-04
PalettePackIcon.png Palette Pack Epic Back Bling 2019-06-04
TakaraIcon.png Takara Epic Outfit 2019-05-31
GazeIcon.png Gaze Epic Back Bling 2019-05-31
RuffIcon.png Ruff Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-25
DoggoIcon.png Doggo Epic Outfit 2019-05-25
ChowDownIcon.png Chow down Epic Back Bling 2019-05-25
ChewToyIcon.png Chew Toy Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-05-25
FishyIcon.png Fishy Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-23
FishFaceIcon.png Fish Face Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-23
SlipperyIcon.png Slippery Rare Wrap 2019-05-23
GrindIcon.png Grind Epic Outfit 2019-05-22
ClutchIcon.png Clutch Epic Outfit 2019-05-22
BackBoardIcon.png Back Board Epic Back Bling 2019-05-22
EtherIcon.png Ether Epic Outfit 2019-05-18
VersaIcon.png Versa Epic Outfit 2019-05-18
PhrenzyIcon.png Phrenzy Epic Back Bling 2019-05-18
CnxnIcon.png Cnxn Epic Back Bling 2019-05-18
WebWreckerIcon.png Web Wrecker Rare Harvesting Tool 2019-05-18
TechTurbineIcon.png Tech Turbine Rare Glider 2019-05-18
JohnWickIcon.png John Wick Legendary Outfit 2019-05-16
GoldTokenIcon.png Gold Token Legendary Back Bling 2019-05-16
BeSeeingYouIcon.png Be Seeing You Uncommon Emote 2019-05-16
SimpleSledgeIcon.png Simple Sledge Uncommon Harvesting Tool 2019-05-16
BoogeymanIcon.png Boogeyman Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-16
AssassinIcon.png Assassin Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-16
AssassinPackIcon.png Assassin Pack Legendary Back Bling 2019-05-16
BulletproofIcon.png Bulletproof Uncommon Emote 2019-05-16
ElectrofiedIcon-512x512.png Electro-Fied! Rare Music 2019-05-15
BracerIcon.png Bracer Uncommon Outfit 2019-05-14
BubblegumIcon.png Bubblegum Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-13
VelocityIcon.png Velocity Legendary Outfit 2019-05-12
AssaultBomberIcon.png Assault Bomber Epic Glider 2019-05-12
RoyaleAirForceIcon.png Royale Air Force Uncommon Wrap 2019-05-12
BomberBagIcon.png Bomber Bag Legendary Back Bling 2019-05-12
CrypticIcon.png Cryptic Rare Outfit 2019-05-10
SpectralSpineIcon.png Spectral Spine Rare Back Bling 2019-05-10

Weapon and Item Releases[edit | edit source]

9.00 Patch Notes (May 9th)[edit | edit source]

Combat Shotgun

  • Semi-Automatic
    • Holds 10 Shells.
    • Fires 9 pellets per shot for 73 / 77 / 81 base damage.
    • Tight spread and fast fire rate.
    • Headshot multiplier of 1.70x.
    • Reloads 2 shells at a time.
  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
  • Available from Floor, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines
  • Unvaulted Grenades.

Vaulted Items

9.01 Patch Notes (May 15th)[edit | edit source]

Tactical Assault Rifle

  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
  • Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines
    • Fully Automatic
    • 30 Round Magazine
    • Deals 22/23/24 damage
    • Headshot Multiplier of 1.75x
    • This weapon has a tight spread in close quarters but is less effective at long range when compared to other Assault Rifles.
  • Vaulted the Compact SMG.

9.10 Patch Notes (May 22nd)[edit | edit source]

Hot Spots

  • Every match, select named locations will be marked in gold text on the map.
    • These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers. Shoot down the carriers for additional high-quality weapons.
      • Minimum of one Hot Spot
      • 25% chance for 2 Hot Spots
      • 5% chance for 3 Hot Spots
    • Loot Carriers
      • Loot Carriers drop a weapon of Rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo.
      • Hot Spots will have between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers depending on the size of the location.
  • Unvaulted Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

9.10 Content Update (May 29th)[edit | edit source]

Burst SMG

  • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
  • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
  • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
  • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
  • 24 round magazine.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
  • Uses Light Ammo.
  • Vaulted the Suppressed Submachine Gun.

9.20 Patch Notes (June 6th)[edit | edit source]

Storm Flip

  • Thrown item that explodes on impact and creates a sphere-shaped zone.
  • Where the sphere overlaps the storm, it will create a safe zone.
  • Where the sphere overlaps a safe zone, it will create a storm zone.
  • The Storm Flip deals the same damage as the current storm.
  • The zone lasts for 20 seconds before dissipating.
  • Available in Epic Rarity.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
  • Drops in stacks of 1.
  • Max stack of 1.
  • Vaulted the Hunting Rifle.

9.21 Patch Notes (June 12th)[edit | edit source]

Proximity Grenade Launcher

  • Fires an arcing, bouncing, explosive projectile that explodes when in proximity of an opponent.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary Rarities.
  • Found from Chests, Loot Carriers, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Semi-Automatic.
  • Uses Rocket Ammo.
  • Holds 2 Explosive Rounds.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.65 shots per second.
  • Player Proximity Radius: 250 units (about half the width of a tile).
  • Explosion Radius: 300 units (about 60% of the width of a tile).
  • Explosion damage:
    • Player: 67/70
    • Environmental: 131/138
  • Reload Speed: 2.8s/3s
  • Projectiles explode automatically after 10s or if it has nearly come to a stop.

9.30 Patch Notes (June 18th)[edit | edit source]

Chug Splash

  • On impact, this thrown item splashes liquid in a small area. All players within the splash radius will be instantly granted 20 Health/Shield.
  • Grants health unless you are full health, in which case it will grant Shield.
  • Chug Splash can heal allies, enemies, and can extend the duration of the ‘knocked’ state for knocked players.
  • Rare variant.
  • Drops in stacks of 2.
  • Max stack size stack: 6
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Llamas.

Vaulted Items

9.30 Content Update (June 25th)[edit | edit source]


  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Fires Medium Ammo.
  • Holds 6 rounds.
  • 63 / 66 damage per shot.
  • Headshot multiplier of 2.
  • Available from Floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.

Vaulted Items

Unvaulted Items

Map Changes[edit | edit source]

The new map.

Map v9.00 (May 9th)[edit | edit source]

  • New POIs: Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant and Mega Mall.
  • Neo Tilted and Mega Mall replaced Tilted Towers and Retail Row.
  • The Government has set up new facilities at the volcano and turned it into a power plant.
  • Hovercrafts with slipstreams have appeared across the map, they coincidentally seems to be above the former Corrupted Areas.
    • A long trail of slipstreams has also been added across the map.
  • The Block has been changed into a luxury courthouse.
  • Damaged remains of the old clock tower from Tilted Towers and other broken things have been appeared at Junk Junction.
  • Most of the pirate camps have been removed.
  • Most of the volcano vents have disappeared besides the ones near Pressure Plant.
  • Blimps and small planes can be seen flying in the sky.
  • Wind Turbines have been added across the map.
  • A large tube is pumping energy out of the vault at Loot Lake, this seems to power Neo Tilted. Grass and trees have also grown in the dug-up area.
  • A fish statue was added to the Hot Springs POI.
  • The houses in what used to be Retail Row have been revamped and repaired.
  • The shack on the hill south of Mega Mall was renovated.
  • The farm south of Paradise Palms has been changed into a villa.
  • The repairing of the shack north of Fatal Fields that was crushed by the CUBE has continued.
  • A car and truck mech east of RV Park has been redesigned.
  • The first two digsites have been abandoned by the government.
  • The stone man and lady statues have seemingly disappeared.
  • Some factories at Loot Lake have been revamped, and a new one was added.
  • The land around the former Corrupted Areas that died in Season 8 has once again grown back.
  • The wooden rabbit statue north from Snobby Shores was removed.
  • A giant fish trophy has fallen through the roof of a house between Dusty Divot and Mega Mall.

Map v9.01 (May 15th)[edit | edit source]

  • The Block has been changed into a mall area.
  • A building in Neo Tilted was changed.
  • Llama signals with colors can be seen on TVs around the map again.
  • The frozen Greasy Grove is starting to melt more.
  • The cracks in Polar Peak are spreading all throughout the iceberg.

Map v9.10 (May 22nd)[edit | edit source]

  • The Block has been changed into a pirate lagoon under attack by a kraken.
  • Polar Peak has cracked even more, and strange noises can be heard from inside. Ice dust is also coming out of it occasionally.
  • Some cars and trucks carrying destroyed items are heading towards Junk Junction.
  • The big wooden sled at the Outskirts has been changed into a metal rocket.
  • More grass is growing in Paradise Palms.
  • A house north of Snobby Shores has been expanded and taken over by Pizza Pit fanatics.
  • A farm with the Stone Man and Stone Lady statues, as well as a baby, was added northeast of Lonely Lodge. The stone man is growing flowers.
  • TVs with the llama symbols in them have appeared in Neo Tilted.
  • Polar Peak is rumbling and having dust come from it much more frequently. The iceberg has also broken more.
  • Bouncing noises are coming from TVs in Neo Tilted, and the TVs occasionally flash.
  • Some of the tiles in the Dance Club have turned off, and only turn back on when walked on.
  • The northern lights have moved away from the snow biome.
  • The Polar Peak iceberg has melted and cracked more, and has revealed a eye of a creature. The eye is also looking around.
  • May 28th: The Block has been changed into a robot scorpion structure.
  • The stone child has wandered away from the man and lady, and he found a stone dog.
  • Polar Peak has melted even more and revealed more of the eye.
  • May 30th: The iceberg has melted even more, and the eye in it has started glowing a bit.
  • June 5th: The stone family have seemingly disappeared.
  • Polar Peak is melting even more and revealed even more of the eye.

Map v9.20 (June 6th)[edit | edit source]

  • The iceberg of Polar Peak has collapsed, causing the castle and infinity blade alter to completely be destroyed and broken into pieces - some of the buildings were also destroyed.
    • The eye has also disappeared.
  • Some footprints have appeared across the map, leading away from Polar Peak and ending near Snobby Shores.
  • The shack destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has a second floor.
  • The Block has been changed into a military base.
  • The stone man and lady have returned to the farm, while the stone child is playing around. The stone dog is also now hiding behind a tree.
  • Even more grass has grown in Paradise Palms.
  • Frozen Greasy Grove is melting even more.
  • June 9th: A chunk of ice carrying the Polar Peak castle can occasionally be seen bobbing in the ocean before sinking back in. It seems to be carried by the monster.

Map v9.21 (June 12th)[edit | edit source]

  • The fortified northernmost house in Snobby Shores has been destroyed by the monster.
  • The stone woman and man are continuing work on their farm, while the stone child is playing on a hill.
  • The Block has been changed into a pirate lagoon cove.
  • Frozen Greasy Grove continues melting.
  • June 16th: The modern house at Pleasant Park was destroyed by the monster.

Map v9.30 (June 18th)[edit | edit source]

  • Many of the main factories near the western Loot Lake shore have been destroyed and much damaged items, along with a giant monster footprint, have been left behind. The power tube from the vault to Neo Tilted has also been damaged, and has electrical sparks coming out of it.
  • Snow Cone trucks, along with little umbrellas and relaxation chairs, have appeared at various points of the map.
  • Giant umbrellas and beach balIs have appeared across the map.
  • A few solar panels have been added near Paradise Palms and Frosty Flights.
  • The shack near Fatal Fields that was crushed by the CUBE now has a third floor and some stairs.
  • The Block has been changed into a valley under attack by a dragon.
  • A bit of snow has melted.
  • The stone man and woman are still working in the farm, while the child is doing a cartwheel and the dog is climbing a tree.
  • June 20th: Some ice creams, that can be eaten, have been added to Mega Mall.
  • June 25th: Pressure Plant has been upgraded, with a metal hatch and new government facilities.
  • The stone man and woman are relaxing at their farm, while the child is exploring more.
  • The Block has been changed into a Chinese valley
  • More summer props have been added across the map.