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Rox Challenges is an exclusive Season 9 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once Rox has been earned by purchasing the Season 9 Battle Pass, the Rox Challenges will be available to complete. The Rox Challenges can be completed anytime after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of a harvesting tool, an emote, and multiple style options for Rox.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Complete Any 12 Challenges Rox Banner
Challenge Rewards
Collect 45 Fortbytes

Harmonic Axes

Gain Season xp icon.png 10,000 XP

Rox (stage 2)

Gain Season xp icon.png 50,000 XP

Rox (stage 3)

Gain Season xp icon.png 100,000 XP

Rox (stage 4)

Gain Season xp icon.png 200,000 XP

Rox (stage 5)

Complete 10 Weekly Challenges

Rox (blue)

Complete 20 Weekly Challenges

Peace Out emote

Complete 30 Weekly Challenges

Rox (purple coloring)

Collect 5 Fortbytes

Rox (yellow)

Collect 15 Fortbytes

Rox (orange coloring)

Collect 25 Fortbytes

Rox (green)

Collect 35 Fortbytes

Rox (black coloring)