Road Trip (loading screen)

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Road Trip
What better place to start than a giant hilltop burger? We convinced a new friend to join us as well.
Rarity Uncommon
Type Loading Screen
Source Battle Pass Season 5

Road Trip is a Loading Screen cosmetic item in Battle Royale that can be obtained as a Road Trip Challenges reward for completing one set of Weekly Challenges in Battle Pass Season 5.

The Loading screen depicts Cuddle Team Leader and Rex meeting a confused Drift for the first time, while Brite Bomber introduces him to the team.

Hidden Battle Pass Tier[edit | edit source]

In the image, Rex is holding a map that depicts a Battle star icon.png Battle Star inside an umbrella-shaped formation. That formation is the beginnings of an Excavation Area that can be found in the northern portion of E3. Once the Road Trip loading screen is unlocked, a Battle star icon.png Battle Star will appear in-game as it is depicted on Rex's map. Interacting with this Battle star icon.png Battle Star icon will award the player with one Free battle pass tiers icon.png Free Battle Pass tier.

Gallery[edit | edit source]