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Risky Reels is a unnamed area on the Battle Royale map formerly a Named POI located at northeast coordinates H2,next to Frenzy Farm It is a drive in theater with a ticket booth and a drive in projector. It was originally released and added on Patch 4.0 of the Season 4 update. In the 5.10 Patch, Risky Reels was updated and repaired. The houses were fixed, fences have been painted and multiple chest spawns have been added on the new cars. The Risky Reels dirt mound from where the crater was is patched up.

Before being removed, Risky Reels was located east of Lazy Links/Anarchy Acres and northwest of Wailing Woods.

In Season 7, Risky Reels was replaced by The Block, leaving only the drive-in marquee left. However it was removed in Season 8, leaving no evidence that Risky Reels was ever there.

In Chapter 2, Season 1, Risky Reels was added back to the map next to Frenzy Farm and became a unnamed POI.

Points and Sublocations

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For more detail on houses and buildings, go to Risky Reels/Buildings

Other Loot Spots

  • Dining Area
  • Car Parking


  • Theater Marquee Board

Battle Pass Challenges

Risky Reels have became a part of the following Battle Pass Challenges.

  • Season 4 Week 7 Challenges - Search 7 Chests in Risky Reels
  • Season 5 Week 1 Challenges - Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels.

Map Changes

Season 4

  • Week 1: Risky Reels was added to the map.
    • The movie titles in the marquee board were "R venge of Bri's Dog ...... Part 2", "It Came from Moisty Mire" and "What is it?? An Ant n Story".
      The marquee board
    • "It Came from Moisty Mire" is a reference to It Came from Outer Space, a 1953 black-and-white science fiction horror film. "What is it?? An Ant n Story" is a reference to What Is It?, a 2005 surrealist movie.
  • Week 3: Theater marquee board has been updated with movie titles: Carbide Returns, Valor Origins and Omega's Revenge.
  • Week 5: The crater is being patched up. Theater marquee board has been updated with movie titles: Dusty Impact, The Hills are Hunted, The Cabin in Wailing Woods.
    • The "Dusty Impact" is a reference to Deep Impact, a 1998 science fiction disaster film. The "Cabin in Wailing Woods" is a reference to The Cabin in the Woods, a 2012 horror comedy film.
    • The "Cabin in Wailing Woods" was also foreshadowing for Season 6, when four log cabins were added to Wailing Woods.
  • Week 7: Crater has been completely patched up. New selection of film titles were also added on the theater marquee board: The Beautiful Game, Nothing But Not and Mirror of Lies.
    • "The Beautiful Game" is a reference to The Beautiful Game, better known as "The Match", a 1999 romantic comedy film. The "Mirror of Lies" is a possible reference to Mirror of Life, a 1938 drama film.
    • A soccer goal pitch has appeared behind the screen.
  • Week 9: The theater marquee board has been updated with new titles: White Lion, The Orange Crusher and TV Dreams.

Season 5

  • A birthday cake was added to Risky Reels.
  • The birthday cake was removed from Risky Reels.
  • Week 3: Risky Reels' drive-in section has been lined up with cars. Flipped cars and destroyed houses' roofs were fixed.
  • Week 7: The screen has been fixed and now displays the winning entry of the Fortnite Blockbuster Contest, "Prepare For Collision". Posters of the movie can be found in the area and the marquee board displays the title of the movie.
    • In addition, you can also make out "The misadventures of lock and salem" and "The incredible Izzie".

Season 6

  • Wreck it Ralph sometimes appears on the movie screen for a few seconds

Season 7

  • Week 1: Risky Reels is replaced by The Block during The Game Awards 2018.

Chapter 2 Season 1

  • Risky Reels was added back as an unnamed landmark. It is almost identical -if not perfectly identical- to it's last appearance on the old map


  • Just northwest of Sunny Steps, there was a small Drive-In Theater sign and a movie screen.
  • A Risky Reels prefab can be found in Creative mode for the old version of Risky Reels.
  • Risky Reels has been located next to two farms now, Anarchy Acres and Frenzy Farm.