Ripening Ritual (loading screen)

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Ripening Ritual
The ancient rite of passage for every young banana entering bananahood.
Rarity Uncommon
Type Loading Screen
Source Discovery Challenges
Set Discovery

Ripening Ritual is a Loading Screen in Battle Royale that can be obtained as a Discovery Challenges reward for completing four sets of Weekly Challenges in Battle Pass Season 8. The image shows multiple Peely outfits walking up the path towards the top of the Volcano POI. One Peely outfit is on a chair being held up by two other Peely outfits that are a bit more decayed. Down the path are several other Peely outfits all doing the Nana Nana emote. The less deayed Peely has a crown on it's head and is holding some sort of cup. To the right of the chair are two torches. On the first torch is a secret banner. After earning Ripening Ritual, the banner is available to collect in game. Collecting the banner will reward a free banner that can be equipped in the locker.

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