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Rescue The Survivor is a side objective in Save The World. You will have to complete a given action, and after you do this you will be prompted to talk to the Survivor. After you do this, a robot pops up above their head, they are scanned in a blue light, then disappear

Types[edit | edit source]

There are multiple types of missions to complete for Survivors. They vary in difficulty and reward. They are:

Talk to the Survivor[edit | edit source]

When you find a survivor, an option come up to talk to them. In this type of Rescue a Survivor mission, the Survivor will thank you, then disappear.

Find the Lost Medkit[edit | edit source]

In this type of mission, when you talk to a Survivor, he will say "Thank you. I was getting worried. I know it's a lot to ask, but I really can't leave without it." After this, the search area for the medkit will marked on your Map. After you find it, you must return to the survivor, and talk to him. He will then thank you, and disappear.

Defend the Survivor[edit | edit source]

As you are exploring, you may hear Ray ask you to defend a Survivor. Then, nearby, you will see a Survivor being chased by husks. If you kill the all the Husks chasing the Survivor, they will stand in a specific place, and wait until you talk to them. After you do so, they will thank you and disappear.

Defend the Survivor's Vehicle[edit | edit source]

This mission is similar to Defend the Survivor. The two differences are:

  • Husks come in multiple waves.
  • The Survivor is standing on top of a vehicle with boosted health. If it is destroyed, they survivor will behave similarly to a Survivor in in Defend the Survivor. They will, however, have lower health.

Relay the Survivor[edit | edit source]

When exploring, you may sometimes come across a fallen relay tower. Close to the part that is still standing, there will be an antenna. To complete the Mission, you must collect it, Build up to the hologram of a floor/ceiling with the outline of an the antenna, build a floor/ceiling on the hologram, place the antenna, and activate the antenna. Once you do this, a Survivor will appear at the bottom of the tower. After you talk to them, they will thank you and disappear.

Find the Survivor[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you will come across an empty Survivor shelter. When this happens, a message saying "Nobody's home, but the Survivor's last known location has been marked on you Map" will appear. After you follow the map to the search area, you must locate the survivor and talk to them. They will then thank you and disappear

Call in the MedBot[edit | edit source]

When exploring, you might see a Survivor on their hands and knees, sometimes being attacked by husks. If you approach them, you will be prompted to request a MedBot. If you do this, a MedBot will appear, and you will have to deposit 2 BluGlo. After you do this, the MedBot will heal the survivor. They will then thank you and disappear.