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The Reboot Van is a special type of van found in the small team modes of Battle Royale. As a feature, the Reboot Vans might have taken inspiration from Apex Legends' Respawn Beacon system.

  • Reboot Vans allow players to bring eliminated teammates back into the game through Reboot Cards.
  • Reboot Van
    In order to reboot a teammate, the Reboot Card they drop on death must be picked up by any member of the squad.
  • Once dropped, the Reboot Card will last for 90 seconds before it expires and despawns.
  • If a squad has picked up a Reboot Card, any member of it can interact with a Reboot Van for ten seconds to reboot every teammate whose Reboot Card has been picked up.
  • There is a five second delay between each teammate rebooted.
  • Rebooted teammates have 100 wood, a Common Pistol, and 36 Light Bullets.
  • One Reboot Van can be found at each named location on the map.
  • Reboot Vans cannot be destroyed.
  • Once a Reboot Van has been used, it must recharge for two minutes before it can be reused.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Reboot Vans emit a distinctly visible blue light upon rebooting someone.
  • If someone happens to be rebooted near you, you can pursue that player, who will have bad loot from the reboot, for an easy elimination.
  • The elimination feed shows when people are rebooted.
  • Pay attention to the Reboot Van if you are in a named location, as it might just save a teammate's life or it might just allow you to cut off a recently rebooted player.
  • A viable strategy is to send one squad member to a Reboot Van and have another squad member pick up a teammate's Reboot Card. This way, as soon as the Card is picked up, the player can be rebooted. This strategy does not work in Duos, however, and the split member(s) need(s) to make sure not to die.
  • When rebooting a teammate, either go to an angle where you know you will not be shot from, since the Van is indestructible. If that isn't possible, build around the Van to give yourself cover while rebooting.
  • Once a teammate has been rebooted, drop them some healing items, materials, and ammunition as soon as possible, especially later on in the game. Make finding some loot for your newly rebooted teammate a priority, as a Common Pistol doesn't go a long way.
  • There can be a blue detector on your gameplay if someone gets rebooted near you.