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Rarity describes both the relative rarity of finding a particular item and is an expression of its quality. Each level has a name and color associated with it:

  • Common - Gray
  • Uncommon - Green
  • Rare - Blue
  • Epic - Purple
  • Legendary - Orange
  • Mythic - Gold

At base level, an Uncommon item will always be better than a Common item of the same type and a Rare item will always be better than an Uncommon one and so on.

Note: Mythic rarity are a separate tier from the common -> legendary. Every Mythic hero does not have a lower tier, and Mythic lead Survivors are classified in the Collection Book as "Unique Leads". Unlike the rest of the leads they have a name and a small flavor text.

Special Rarity[edit | edit source]

These items are especially rare due to being obtainable only from certain special sources. As such, they cannot be added to the Collection Book.

  • Handmade - These weapon Schematics are of the lowest beginner tier, and obtained by completing the very first tutorial missions. These items cannot be Upgraded nor Recycled.
  • Trainee - These defenders are obtained after unlocking the first Defender slot in the squad. These items cannot be Upgraded nor Recycled.
  • Founder's - These Schematics are uniquely obtained from the Founder's Llama.
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