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Ranged Weapons include all types of firearms and several laser-based ranged Weapons. All ranged weapons except Explosive Weapons consume Ammunition during use. The Soldier class specializes in using ranged weapons, with their signature skill Debilitating Shots making enemies vulnerable to more damage once hit by their ranged attacks. Ranged weapons are categorized into 6 subclasses: Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Explosive Weapons and Submachine Guns.

Some Assault Weapons in previous updates were later changed to SMGs because of different criteria in the game code.

Ranged Weapons Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Scopes[edit | edit source]

Scopes are useful on most weapons. Scopes allow the player to scope in on enemies. Snipers and certain Assault Rifles use scopes, however the Sniper Rifles have better scopes than Surgical Rifles.

Aim Down Sights[edit | edit source]

Pressing the ADS button (L2 on PS4, LB on Xbox) will reduce your field of view (FoV), but will tighten your crosshairs, making it easier to aim. Scoped weapons, like snipers, will let you look through the scope instead.

Reticles[edit | edit source]

Hipfire[edit | edit source]

Hipfire is the term mainly in Pistols. Hipfire means "to fire from the hip" for more fire rate, rather than to aim down for precision.

First Shot Accuracy[edit | edit source]

When you stop moving and shooting for a few seconds, your reticle tightens up dramatically, allowing your next shot to have 100% accuracy with no bloom. Some weapons, such as scoped Sniper Rifles and Shotguns, don't have this feature.

Bonus Effects[edit | edit source]

Certain weapons have bonus effects on them. Unlike perks, you don't have to level the weapon up to get the effect. Types of bonus effects include:

- Piercing Rounds

- Heat Scope

- Projectiles bounce off walls

- Bullets don't set off propane tanks

General Tips[edit | edit source]

- Aim for the head to deal more damage.

- Energy damage deals 0.75x to all elements, while physical does 0.5x.

- Burst weapons have a lower fire rate, but have less recoil.

- Almost all weapons in Save the World are hitscan - you don't need to lead your shots!

- Weapons are capped at level 20 (in Stonewood) and level 30 (in Plankerton)

- Semi-Auto weapons generally deal more damage compared to their Automatic counterparts.

- Generally, guns with a small magazine capacity deal high damage per bullet (but have to reload often), while guns with a larger magazine deal less damage per bullet.

Core Game Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifles[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifles are weapons that are well-balanced and versatile, mostly having medium to high Fire Rate, good Accuracy and Reload Speed, and good damage at medium range. These weapons suit many combat situations and are well suited for Soldiers to apply their Vulnerability debuff.

Notice! Some assault rifles have been moved over to the SMG class.'

There are currently 8 different subclasses within the Assault Rifle class:

  • Auto Rifles - Are capable of handling any type of combat scenario. Equipped with a rapid rate of fire with solid accuracy while the sights are aimed down. Firing in controlled bursts is the best method to use with these rifles. Use Light Bullets
  • Burst Rifles - Fire tight bursts that allow for precise targeting in mobile mid-range engagements instead of being fully-automatic. has a slightly higher damage than Auto Rifles, but consumes bullets quicker. Uses Light Bullets
  • Doubleshot Rifles - Fires in bursts of two, having more range than the other rifles. Has a higher headshot damage than other rifles. Uses Medium Bullets
  • LMG Rifles - Light Machine Guns that do weak damage, but come with a giant clip and are useful in destroying monsters in tight spaces.
  • Semi-Auto Rifles - These Weapons trade off their automatic ability for more damage and less fire rate.
  • Single-Shot Rifles - Similar to the Semi-Auto Rifles, these are more precise and deadlier while having a lower clip size, using Shells 'n' Slugs, and limited fire rate.
  • Surgical Rifles - Scoped rifles that fire in tight bursts of three.
  • Rayguns - Assault Rifles that deal energy damage and use Energy Cells as ammo.

Types of Assault Rifles include:

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Shotguns are specialised for close range, due to how their damage is spread in a cone-shaped AoE instead of focused on a single target. Most of them have a very high burst damage at short range while sacrificing Fire Rate, Magazine Size, and Reload Speed, though some maintain more of a balance between stats to enable continuous damage.

There are currently 8 different subclasses within the Shotgun class:

  • Auto Shotguns - Shotguns that are completely automatic and deal less damage.
  • Break-Action Shotguns - These Shotguns are EXTREMELY powerful up close and personal, but have a very limited magazine size.
  • Longarm/Heavy Shotguns - These Shotguns trade their fast fire rate for even more damage and range
  • Pump-Action Shotguns - These Shotguns are slow and have less headshot damage, but deal destructive damage to enemies
  • Tactical Shotguns - This subclass of Shotguns contains shotguns that have more range than most shotguns
  • Precision Tactical Shotguns - Direct upgrade of the Tactical Shotguns, the class focuses more on precision than damage.
  • Over-Under Shotguns - These are similar to the Break-Action Shotguns, but these have more range than damage
  • Semi-Auto Shotguns - These Shotguns are more accurate pump shotguns, dealing less damage and having more range and impact

Types of Shotguns include:

Pistols[edit | edit source]

Pistols are non-specialized weapons which have great variations in their stats among different pistol types. Some have a higher Fire Rate with easier operation, similar to Assault Rifles, while others are slower but precise and pack a big punch, similar to Sniper Rifles.

Notice! Some pistols have been moved over to the SMG class: Auto Pistols, Heavy Auto Pistols.

There are currently 9 different subclasses within the Pistol class. Previously there were 11 but because of the SMG class being released into Season 10, the Auto Pistols and Heavy Auto Pistols are reclassified as SMGs:

  • Bolt Revolver Pistols - Similar to Six Shooter Pistols, these revolvers have less headshot damage, but more impact and recoil. Also the Epic and Legendary variants are slightly better and unusual for a revolver.
  • Dragon Pistols - These are slug pistols that act similar to shotguns.
  • Firecracker Pistols - These shoot slugs containing flares that deal some nasty damage.
  • Handcannon Pistols - Fully Automatic handcannons that shoot deadly bullets
  • Semi-Auto Handcannon Pistols - Even more deadly versions of the Handcannon Pistols, but are instead Semi-Automatic.
  • Rapid Fire Pistols - These Pistols are similar to the Semi-Auto Pistols, but they have more fire rate, accuracy, and magazine size.
  • Semi-Auto Pistols - These are the standard Semi-Auto Pistols that have descent damage and magazine size.
  • Six Shooter Pistols - These Pistols are Revolvers and deal high damage, while having only six bullet in the clip and less fire rate
  • Energy Pistols - These pistols share certain similarities with Handcannons and Semi-Auto Pistols, but slightly slower and limited magazine.

Types of Pistols include:

Sniper Rifles[edit | edit source]

Sniper Rifles are precision firearms with high damage and very high accuracy. The scoped types allow the player to zoom and hit far-away targets with ease, making this weapon type best suited for long range. As a downside, most of them have a lower Fire Rate, Magazine Size, and Reload Speed, making them less suitable for handling multiple targets at medium and short range.

There are currently 8 different subclasses within the Sniper Rifle class:

  • AMR/Laser Snipers - These are energy-based semi-auto snipers. They have a high damage and deal even more to elemental enemies
  • Automatic Snipers - These snipers are fully automatic with extreme recoil and use bullets fairly quick.
  • Standard Scoped Snipers - These Snipers Rifles are Standard Snipers with scopes equipped
  • Bolt-Action Snipers - These Snipers use the highest caliber of bullets and use a Bolt-Action reload. They are semi-automatic.
  • Scoped Bolt-Action Snipers - These Sniper Rifles are Bolt-Action Snipers with scopes attached.
  • Shredder Sniper - These Sniper Rifles use slugs and deal shotgun damage that can deal damage from far away AND close.
  • Standard Sniper - These Snipers have a normal zoom and use a charging handle
  • Triple-Shot Snipers - These Snipers use burst-fire instead of normal fire. They have scopes too!

Types of Sniper Rifles include:

Explosive Weapons[edit | edit source]

Explosive weapons deal explosive AoE damage where they are shot. They are unique among firearms, in the sense that they do not consume actual ammunition, but instead consume a large amount of durability with each use, making them relatively expensive and balancing out their massive long-range burst damage capability, though this is somewhat counteracted by their low crafting cost. For that reason, these weapons are mostly reserved for special circumstances such as for fighting massive hordes of enemies or for quickly eliminating Smashers.

Types of Explosive Weapons include:

SMGs[edit | edit source]

SMGs were introduced in patch 10.1. Like pistols, they are mainly used close range. They have a high rate of fire, good damage and quick reload speeds, but shreds through Ammunition fast.

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List of Ranged Weapons

Assault Rifles

Auto Rifles Burst Rifles Doubleshot Rifles LMG Rifles Semi-Auto Rifles Single-Shot Rifles Surgical Rifles Rayguns Light Machine Gun


Bolt Revolvers Dragon Pistols Firecracker Pistols Handcannon Pistols Rapid Fire Pistols Semi-Auto Pistols Six Shooters Energy Pistols Semi-Auto Handcannons Pistol/ko Suppressed Pistol/ko Suppressed Pistol/es


Auto Shotguns Break Action Shotguns Heavy Shotguns Pump-Action Shotguns Tactical Shotguns Precision Tactical Shotguns Over-Under Shotguns Semi-Auto Shotguns Pump Shotgun/ko Stalwart Squire (legendary) Stalwart Squire (epic) Popshot

Sniper Rifles

Laser Sniper Standard Scoped Sniper Bolt-Action Sniper Scoped Bolt-Action Sniper Shredder Sniper Standard Sniper Triple-Shot Sniper Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle/ko Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle/ko Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle/es Auto Sniper Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle/fr Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles The Cleaner

Explosive Weapons

Rocket Launchers M80 Bottle Rocket Grenade Launchers Stink Bomb Port-a-Fort Impulse Grenade Remote Explosives Clinger Explosive Weapons Noble Launcher

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 5.20 (August 7, 2018)
Weapons + Items
  • The Aim Down Sights reticle for the Break shotgun now more closely resembles the hipfire reticle.
  • Adjusted all cameras to provide better consistency between Aim Down Sight and hip fire.

Patch 3.5 (April 11, 2018)

  • Enabled environmental damage for ranged weapons.
    • Percentage of damage done to the environment varies by weapon.
    • Environmental damage scaling for ranged weapons should remain consistent relative to the health of the environment, taking into account the rarity and alterations on the weapon.
      • NOTE: Environmental damage increases with tier and rarity only and is not multiplied through Offense.
    • Ranged weapons can not damage structures you or your team have built.