Prestige Stretch Goals

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The Prestige Stretch Goals Missions is a prestige set of missions, unlocked by completing the regular Stretch Goals Missions. These missions do not have any loading screen or item to earn, but the mission has a part of the loading screen Loot Lava. The missions requires players to do tasks mostly based on achieving medals for using weapons, but the challenges are way more difficult than the ones from the Stretch Goals Missions. Much higher numbers are involved, but a large amount of XP is rewarded upon completion of each challenge.

Missions & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Mission Reward
Deal damage to opponents (250,000) Season xp icon.png800,000
Achieve Shotgun Specialist or AR Specialist by dealing damage with Shotguns or Assault Rifles (150) Season xp icon.png800,000
Achieve Pistol Specialist or SMG Specialist by dealing damage with Pistols or SMGs (150) Season xp icon.png800,000
Achieve Sniper Specialist or Explosive Specialist by dealing damage with Snipers or Explosives (150) Season xp icon.png800,000
Catch weapons from fishing spots (250) Season xp icon.png800,000
Eliminate opponents (1,000) Season xp icon.png800,000
Outlast opponents in Solos, Duos, or Squads (20,000) Season xp icon.png800,000