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Pressure Plant After.png

Pressure Plant was a named POI added in Season 9 on the Fortnite Battle Royale Map, located on the now overgrown tip of the former Volcano. Before being removed, it was a giant, government factory with several inside facilities and rooms.

Before June 25th 2019, Pressure Plant was a power plant deep inside of the Volcano's lava, surrounded by several government buildings and other test centres. The helicopter, digsite excavators, and three volcano vents could be found here as well.

Points and Sublocations

Pressure Plant Top View
Pressure Plant Season X.png
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Construction of the Robot

Map Changes

Season 9

  • Pressure Plant was added to the map, replacing the volcano (POI).
  • June 25th: Pressure Plant has been upgraded. A giant elevator appeared in the middle.
  • July 2nd: A robot has began construction at the Pressure Plant. The feet and one part of it's right leg were built.
  • July 4th: Construction of a robot continues. Second part of its right leg and first part of its left leg were built.
  • July 6th: Construction of a robot continues. Second part of its left leg were built.
  • Propaganda and warning posters have appeared in Pressure Plant.
  • July 8th: Construction of the robot continues. It's torso is now fully built.
  • July 10th: The robot construction has continued. The left bicep has been built.
  • July 12th: The robot's full right arm has been completely built.
  • July 13th: A 7-day countdown timer has appeared above the Sky Platform near the Pressure Plant.
  • July 14th: The robot's left arm construction has been complete, and a jetpack was built on it's back.
  • July 17th: The construction of the robot has been finished. Each part of the robot symbolizes different styles of its pilot - Singularity:
    • Right Leg - Tomatohead Style
    • Left Leg - Beef Boss Style
    • Right Arm - Rex Style
    • Left Arm - Drift Style
    • Torso and Head - Cuddle Team Leader Style
  • July 20th: The countdown expired and the robot was activated and went out of the Pressure Plant to fight the Polar Peak monster. At the end of the battle, the Robot won by using a big sword and blowing it into the Cattus head. After flossing on the Monster, it flew up in the sky vanishing.

Season 10

  • The propaganda and warning posters have been removed.
  • All of the volcano vents at Pressure Plant have stopped working.
  • October 13th: Pressure Plant was sucked into a black hole