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Power Level is a measure of the strength of Weapons, Defenders, Heroes, Survivors and a measure of the difficulty of Missions.

Calculation[edit | edit source]

The formula to calculate power level for an individual item is as follows:[1]

Final Power = Base Power + ( (LVL -1) * LVL Constant ) + ( # of EVOs * EVO Constant ) 

LVL is the current level of the item, and # of EVOs is the current Tier or "Star Level" of the item. Base Power, LVL Constant, and EVO Constant in the above formula depend on the rarity of the item, and are as follows:[1]

Rarity Base Power LVL Constant EVO Constant
Common 1 1 2
Uncommon 5 1.1 3
Rare 10 1.24 4
Epic 15 1.3667 5
Legendary 20 1.5 5
Mythic 20 1.5 5

Homebase Power[edit | edit source]

Power Level Symbol

Home Base Power is an overall measure of how powerful the heroes equipped can be. It is displayed in the top left of the main menu with the ⚡ Zap Power Level symbol. Homebase Power is a combination of the Power Levels across all Survivor Squads, Skills, and Research.[2]

Teaming up with other players also gives you a temporary boost to power level and F.O.R.T. Stats.

Recommended Power Level[edit | edit source]

Recommended Power is a composite rating based mostly on the bonus F.O.R.T. Stats granted by the Skill Tree and Survivor Squads.

References[edit | edit source]

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