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Catstructor penny legendary epic.png
Catstructor penny legendary epic.png
Demolitionist Penny.png
Demolitionist Penny.png
Electro-pulse epic portrait.png
Electro-pulse legendary portrait.png
Founders penny.png
Guardian Penny Playstation Exclusive.png
Guardian Penny Playstation Exclusive.png
Guardian Penny Playstation Exclusive.png
Miss Bunny Penny.png
Stars and Stripes Penny.png
Tank epic portrait.png
Tank legendary portrait.png
Tank rare portrait.png
Tank uncommon portrait.png
Vintage-Tech Penny epic.png
Vintage-Tech Penny legendary.png
Vintage-Tech Penny rare.png
Class Constructor
Subclasses Demolitionist, Electro-pulse, Guardian, Hotfixer, Plasma Specialist, Power BASE, Tank, Vintage-Tech
Sources Birthday Llama, Blockbuster Llama, Event Store, Fortnitemares Llama, Limited Edition Founder’s Pack, Llamas, PS4 Exclusive Heroes, Quests, Road Trip Llamas
Voice Actor Amy Pemberton

Penny is a playable Constructor character associated with the Tank and Electro-pulse subclass.

She is well known for her large breasts and cowboy hat.

Additional Appearances[edit | edit source]

Penny may appear as additional subclasses due to event or exclusive content. Her current variations are;

Gallery[edit | edit source]