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PERK-UP! is a resource material used with the Perk Recombobulator and an amount of RE-PERK! to increase the rarity of perks that are already on a weapon. Elemental PERK-UP! is used to change the existing element type of a weapon, if alternatives exist. PERK-UP! can be acquired either as an award for certain missions, awarded for the completion of specific Quests, or purchased from the Item Shop.

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PERK-UP! rarity varieties[edit | edit source]

Most commonly, PERK-UP! is used to increase an existing perk on a weapon from a lower to a higher rarity tier, indicated by the colored bars to the side of the perk listing. The rarity levels follow the same color scheme found on character cards and weapon schematics where grey, indicating Common, is the lowest tier and orange, indicating Legendary, is the highest tier.

To increase the perk rarity, you will need a certain amount of PERK-UP! in the rarity level that the perk will hold after the upgrade as well as a certain amount of RE-PERK! As an example, in the image shown above, it will cost 100 Uncommon PERK-UP! and 45 RE-PERK! to increase the fire rate of the weapon from its existing Common tier perk, which will net a +7% additional Fire Rate for the weapon (Note that at the weapon's current level of 1, which is unmodified and is representative of a weapon schematic that has been newly acquired, the increased Fire Rate will not be available as it is locked until the weapon reaches level 5; additional perks will not be available until the weapon reaches the level indicated next to the lock icon listed for each perk).

PERK-UP! rarity types[edit | edit source]

PERK-UP! Elemental varieties[edit | edit source]

PERK-UP! is also available to change the element assigned to a weapon. While the specific elemental type of PERK-UP! is required for fire, water, and nature elemental changes, no PERK-UP! is required for energy or physical elemental changes to a weapon. Different weapon elements are effective against different enemy elemental types. Refer to the Elemental Damage page for a description of elements and their effectiveness against various elemental enemies.

To change a weapon's element type, you will need RE-PERK! of the desired element type and an amount of RE-PERK! to make the change. As an example, to change the same Dragonfly sniper rifle shown above from Element: Physical (with +26% damage) to Element: Fire (with +5% damage) it will cost 1,200 FIRE-UP! and 1,500 RE-PERK! Since elemental changes are costly, it would be wise to consider the ramifications of a change before making the change. If a player wishes to have the same weapon available in two different element types, it is necessary to obtain two of the weapon's schematics and modify the perks on each to satisfy the need. As a rule of thumb, it is better to have a weapon with an Energy element, which is decently effective against a broader range of elemental enemies if it is not possible to have separate schematics for different element types.[1]

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  1. Energy damage: "Energy Damage is meant to be a good choice for use against elemental enemies when a weapon with the strong elemental type is not available, or if there are a multitude of elemental enemy types in a mission."