Operation: Dropzone (gamemode)

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During Chapter 2, Season 2 a new event was released called Spy Games which introduced a new feature called Tech. Operation Dropzone was the first LTM of the Spy Games.

  • Two teams of no more than twenty players drop onto a small circle placed randomly throughout the map; The circle moving around periodically during the match.
  • Similar to Team Rumble with new additions: Both teams battle for a eliminations count, but instead of 125 eliminations, you'll need 150.
  • Throughout the match, players have a choice to use their tech against players that give them an advantage to fight.
  • During the match, players must collect Intel that drops like Supply Drops that add 10 elims to the kill counter.
    • Throughout a game, tech points will be rewarded. Five tech points can earn a piece of new tech shown in the Spy Games section of the Battle Pass Tab. Players receive two tech points for playing the game, one per Intel Drop (max per round is 4), and one for winning the match, making max tech points for each game is 9.
  • One Wood is given every second.

The other Spy Games LTM is the Operation: Knockout LTM.