My Dearest Sophie

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My Dearest Sophie
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Before we face the Legendary Gunslinger husk, we'd better learn more about Blackboot Ayers. Search the area for eyewitness accounts of Ayer's reign of terror. Look for old watertowers and windmills.
Type Main Quest
Page 6
Series 2
Repeatable No
Region Canny Valley
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My Dearest Sophie is a quest that is part of Canny Valley main quest line.

Description[edit | edit source]

  • Before we face the Legendary Gunslinger husk, we'd better learn more about Blackboot Ayers. Search the area for eyewitness accounts of Ayer's reign of terror. Look for old watertowers and windmills. Can be only completed in a desert or Thunder Route 99 zone.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Find 7 Old Diary Pages in 52+ zones

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Legendary Ranged Weapon Schematic

Story[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

Ray.png  Ray:    If we're going to face down the stormified version of Blackboot Ayers we'd better prepare.
Ray.png  Ray:    I've been scouring Canny Valley for everything I can find on Ayers,
Ray.png  Ray:    And according to local legend,
Ray.png  Ray:    A few close calls with the lawman left Ayers with chronic gallows neck,
Ray.png  Ray:    And consequently, he was unable to look up. Or left. Or right.
Ray.png  Ray:    The safest place to be during a Blackboot Ayers raid was just above his eyeline.
Ray.png  Ray:    Or slightly to the left or right of mainstreet.
Ray.png  Ray:    During an Ayers rampage, townspeople would often seek refuge in water towers.
Ray.png  Ray:    Let's search those towers!

Objective[edit | edit source]

Reading first old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    What's this? Wrinkled yellow pages, strangely perfect penmanship..
Ray.png  Ray:    My dearest Sophie,
Ray.png  Ray:    I write you this letter with a shaking hand and a broken heart.
Ray.png  Ray:    I feat that I will never again hold you in my arms, and never again see your kind eyes.
Ray.png  Ray:    If you remember nothing else my love, remember that I once gave you the better part of my soul.
Ray.png  Ray:    Keep it together...
Ray.png  Ray:    And... oh man. She totally never got this letter.

Reading second old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    It's the next page of the letter!
Ray.png  Ray:    Ayers stands below me, his trigger finger itching to unleash the flames of tarnation!
Ray.png  Ray:    I can only hope some kind soul will deliver you this, my final goodbye.
Ray.png  Ray:    Aww it's the least we can do -
Ray.png  Ray:    Wait, just checked my math and that is... not happening
Ray.png  Ray:    I'm really starting to dislike this Blackboot Ayers creep.

Reading third old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    Another page!
Ray.png  Ray:    Yours forever in love and marriage, Alister Carpenter.
Ray.png  Ray:    P.S The rumors are indeed true. The scroundel simply can't look heavenward.
Ray.png  Ray:    I suppose I'll be seein' you again this evening.
Ray.png  Ray:    Yes! Way to go!

Reading fourth old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    Another letter.
Ray.png  Ray:    My love, my dear and gentle Sophie,
Ray.png  Ray:    My heart is heavy with anguish to think that I may not, in fact, reach our home.
Ray.png  Ray:    Ayers has returned, and I reckon he's looking for a fight.
Ray.png  Ray:    And so again, I must say goodbye.
Ray.png  Ray:    Cut the man a break, Ayers!

Reading fifth old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    Another page.
Ray.png  Ray:    Below my feet a battle rages. I can't stand idly by while good men fight.
Ray.png  Ray:    Remember me well my love.
Ray.png  Ray:    No. Dude. Stay in the tower! It's nice up in the tower!

Reading sixth old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    Another page.
Ray.png  Ray:    My dearest Sophie,
Ray.png  Ray:    I have returned to my perch above the fray.
Ray.png  Ray:    Good! Stay there!
Ray.png  Ray:    I took my stand against the infernal outlaw,
Ray.png  Ray:    And nearly claimed victory...
Ray.png  Ray:    And then what.
Ray.png  Ray:    And then what, Alister?
Ray.png  Ray:    I know it's the old west but did no one use paperclips?!

Reading seventh old diary page

Ray.png  Ray:    Another page.
Ray.png  Ray:    We had cornered the blackbooted devil, and nearly had him bested,
Ray.png  Ray:    But then he let loose with the craziest holler a man ever heard,
Ray.png  Ray:    And next I seen, a posse came running.
Ray.png  Ray:    They closed in around us...
Ray.png  Ray:    And as their guns turned toward my heart,
Ray.png  Ray:    I only thought of you.
Ray.png  Ray:    I think that's the last one.
Ray.png  Ray:    ... now I see why the storm would be inspired by Ayers.

Outro[edit | edit source]

Ray.png  Ray:    We know he was ruthless.
Ray.png  Ray:    And we know he didn't always fight alone.
Ray.png  Ray:    ... I think I've heard enough.
Ray.png  Ray:    Legendary Gunslinger Blackboot Ayers,
Ray.png  Ray:    This Valley ain't big enough for the both of us.
Ray.png  Ray:    I'm a' callin you out!
Ray.png  Ray:    You're cool with that right?
Ray.png  Ray:    Of course you are, the dude was a monster.
Ray.png  Ray:    We're calling you out!
Ray.png  Ray:    Tuesday.
Ray.png  Ray:    High Noon. Wednesday at the latest.
Ray.png  Ray:    If you know what's good for ya, you'll sure as shootin RSVP.