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From left to right: Troll, Flinger, Pitcher, Husk, Lobber, and Smasher.

Monsters are the primary enemy in Save the World. They have a variety of different behavior patterns, but their main action is damaging players, buildings, and mission objectives. They spawn from The Storm or can be found sleeping around the map during missions. When sleeping, they will be awoken if the player approaches them, attempts to loot nearby materials, or attacks them or other nearby monsters. When going into harder Power Level missions, monsters can become elemental. If they are fire, water element weapons will be more powerful than ones with the nature element. However, weapons with energy damage will be neutral against all elements, even energy!

Siege Monsters[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Husks, Mist Monsters

There are two primary types of monsters that spawn during siege/defense missions: Husks and Mist Monsters.

Husks make up the majority of the enemies encountered in Save the World. They deal low to moderate damage and have low to moderate amounts of health. They come in seven different varieties with different appearances and attack patterns: Standard, Husky, Pitcher, 'Sploder, Beehive, Lobber, and Dwarf.
Mist Monsters
Mist Monsters are more rare than Husks tend to have higher health and deal higher damage. They have more varied appearances and attack patterns than do regular Husks. They come in four varieties: Smasher, Taker, Blaster, and Flinger.

Other Monsters[edit | edit source]

There are a few other monsters that do not follow the typical siege behavior and spawn mechanics of Husks and Mist Monsters.

Small, harmless monsters that appear during the Whack-a-Troll minigame. They do not damage the player directly, but occasionally will spawn a Troll-colored bomb during the minigame which will damage the player. They also occasionally appear in buildings as if they were ghosts. These cannot be interacted with but are mostly there for appearance.
Fortnite's take on the classic "mimic" trope, Mimics take on the appearance of blue level 3 treasure chests. They are dangerous, having high health and dealing high damage, but killing them grants rewards for the whole team.
Small purple ghosts that tag along above some Husks and Mist Monsters to partially shield them from damage. Shielded monsters take significantly reduced damage, but the shield can be removed by killing the Shielder attached to them.
Super Shielders
Larger versions of regular Shielders that act similar in that they will also tag along above some Husks and Mist Monsters to shield them from damage. The biggest difference however, is that it creates an area of effect shield allowing anything inside of the circle to be shielded from damage, along with itself. The shield can be shot down, or a player may enter the shield to kill anything inside without penalty.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.7.1 (October 11, 2017)
  • Adjusted enemy health and damage values as a result of the Hero scaling changes in this patch.
    • No change at low levels.
    • Increases gradually with difficulty.
    • Monsters will damage players slighter slower at high level.

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